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Yosemite Bug Open 20 years and this Autumn's Events

Yes, this month, in August 1996 we… Caroline & Douglas,  opened our doors as a Hostelling International youth hostel and started work running the place and renovating what was here.   604 more words

Big Leaf Maples

Peak Singalong: A Playlist

Everyone loves singing songs they know. Blasting the perfect song through your car speakers can bring a group of people together in elation and may even result in seatbelt constrained dancing and/or smiles–a sure sign the people with you are having fun. 533 more words



Today’s track may – by the band’s admission – have been written a few years back, but Criminal Hygiene‘s Young And Obscene has finally been granted a release. 42 more words


Movie Singalong


You can frankly do this with any musical movie, but for the purpose of this post we’re going to talk about using “Frozen.” We all want the kiddies to let it go, but it’s kind of like having pizza day every day. 378 more words

Girl Party

Five Albums You Need To Have On Your iPod This Summer

“This Summer”.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

It’s rained pretty much everyday over the past few weeks, except for a few, so the term “summer” kinda seems little far fetched.   191 more words



디어 마이 프렌즈.

‘내가 왜 엄마꺼야!’ 소리치며 난희와 몸싸움을 벌인
완이의 서러운 오열에 나도 눈물이 철철철.
엄마가 말한다, ‘이 드라마 네가 썼니. 아님 내가 썼니.’
엄마도 같이 운다.

노희경 작가는 우릴 다 죽이려는 걸까.
그 동안의 작품보다 더 좋다, 최고인 것 같다.

캐릭터 하나하나가 모두 다 사랑스럽다.
초반에 거슬렸던 희자씨마저도.
‘자식들은 부모가 택배 보내는 것도 싫어한대,
그 안에 부모가 있을까봐.’
이 대사에서 뭐랄까, 희자씨에 대한 마음이 참…

금토마다 많이 울어서. 원 없이 울어서.
일요일 아침은 얼굴이 호빵맨이 된다.
꿈에서 시달리면 잠을 자도 잔 것 같지가 않 듯.

비가 오네.
장마다 벌써.

엄마의 엄마가 보고싶고,
아빠의 엄마가 보고싶다.