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US National Anthem

Awkward moment when it is time for the US national Anthem and people go silent.  My body and mind is telling me to do the complete opposite, I want to scream/sing loudly, I want the roar of all of our voices to be heard in unison.   174 more words


She's In Love

Dancing in the night

Turned out all the light

Singing from the bottom of her heart

What’s up with her

I’d say she’s in love… 459 more words


Kro Kro Kro

Up the moutain goes

Kor Kor Kor

The pretty hopping Miss.

Yul Yul yul

The light, it draws her in.

Ylu Ylu Ylu… 12 more words


Listening to the weather

So, I’m listening for the weather,

To predict the coming day.

Leave all thought of expectation

To the weatherman.

No it doesn’t really matter

What it is he has to say, 480 more words

Sofy's Singalong Song #Imnotdown

On June 5 2015, Sofy – a women’s sanitary pad brand owned by the Japanese Unicharm Corporation unveiled it’s fresh campaign called #imnotdown. The campaign has been going on at the time of this writing but they clearly peaked the execution on 20th June with their sing-along Video. 541 more words

Are we nearly there yet?

After seven months of planning, a handful of lively meetings, countless ideas, and innumerable phone calls, letters and emails, the Festival Fortnight is now only a day away. 443 more words


Driving along singing a song in LA - Buttercup style

Los Angeles (LA) is the city of highways or it seems that way to me. I live in a small city, 7 km (4.3 miles) from the south end to the north end and a beautiful (and different) lake on each side.   151 more words

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