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History of the Music Video Genre: The 1920s

The creation of musical shorts and the singalong bouncing ball. Part two of an ongoing series. Part 1 in the series: History of the Music Video Genre: Before the Sound-on-Film… 400 more words

Turning Fear Into Love // Unreleased Video

This inspiring unreleased video message is only available for you as a reader of Inspiralight. It’s about turning fear into love as we’ve received feedback from some of the global leaders helping with our upcoming global… 32 more words



Bob Marley told us “every little thing gonna be alright” almost 40 years ago, and now we’re going to experience it again – global sing-a-long style. 267 more words

Peter Sharp


She had a towel around her body and another towel on top of her head like a turban- making her look like a bobble head. Steam was rising up from the iron. 1,009 more words

Ten on Tuesday - complete albums edition

Wow! This is a topic I suggested to Carole, after putting on an album and realising that I couldn’t just listen to one song of it, I had to listen to the whole thing. 710 more words

Ten On Tuesday

Who wants to know about spiders? - Kinabatangan Jungle

Semporna is a world away from Mabul, the water brown with the saddening site of floating litter, clapped up cars chugging through the streets and daily life passing by for many fish and fruit sellers lining the street. 1,195 more words

Take a shower, lads

From the sublime to … the Shower Room Squad? Tragically, the individual identities of this vocal group is lost to posterity. They seem to have consisted of a piano player and a bunch of men who were either drunken idiots, or sober and trying to sound like drunken idiots. 331 more words

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