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The Naked Finn - Singapore

Took a little trip Gillman Barracks for a lovely lunch at The Naked Finn. Known for its fresh sustainable seafood, I had heard a lot about the place – and I was hoping to be suitably impressed. 235 more words


3 sure-fire ways to get Singaporeans riled up.

Today we were so bored that we sought the expertise of professional troll Shaun Richard Verghese. In this post, Shaun graciously teaches us three sure-fire ways to insult Singaporeans effortlessly. 441 more words


7 scenic pools to swim

Wish to spend your leisure time at the poolside? What would be better than jumping into the most scenic and appealing pools? From the most breath-taking and refreshing ones, here we have find out some world’s best scenic swimming pools where you will definitely want to dive in. 355 more words


Visiting Singapore Japanese Garden as a Local Tourist

After visiting the Chinese Garden, I crossed the bridge connecting to the Japanese Garden, continuing my Local Tourist experience.

The Japanese Garden is a strolling garden showcasing a landscape style originating from the Muromachi and Momoyama periods of Japanese history. 164 more words


A Peranakan Tale

Kalau ditanya apa yang menarik di Singapura, saya pasti menjawab museumnya. Kemudian jawaban saya diikuti dengan kerutan di dahi si penanya, persis seperti dugaan saya. Kalau sudah begitu, saya jadi ingin balik bertanya, kenapa memangnya kalau saya jawab museum? 1,080 more words


Local Food in Singapore - Prawn Noodles

I did not plan to write another post on Local Food in Singapore as I have wrapped the topic at my last post but I thought I should share about this local food that I like, my comfort food. 262 more words


Let's bring the Finnish baby box to Singapore!

How can Finnish design thinking help Singaporean new mummies feel that the larger community actually does care for their well-being? In our blog, we invite visiting writers to share their ideas of how Singapore can take a leaf out of certain areas of Finnish design. 993 more words

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I LOVE this Design Finland 100--what a brilliant idea! A huge congratulations to their successful seminar at the Singapore Management University yesterday. =)