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$8 to rinse your mouth or rinse it with toilet water!

Hai Gaise!!!!

So this blog, is more of a rant as opposed to my usual happy merepek (nonsensical) post. As you gaise have known, I recently got my wisdom tooth extracted by the wonderful people of… 898 more words


2nd Phase Design, Singapore...The good, the bad and the downright ugly of 2nd Phase Design

My attempted home improvement became a couple of months of health destruction (ie stress levels at an all time high) as I placed my hopes and dreams in the hands of a self-proclaimed professional, but seemingly amateurish designer, who lacked any sensitivity to people’s aesthetic tastes. 451 more words

Customer Service

3 places for the best views in Singapore

I have always been someone who likes to do, see and experience as much as I can in life and this philosophy is strengthened when on holidays. 473 more words


Searches are "Hazy": Singapore's Top 3 Searches for September 2015

September has been quite a month for Singapore. It had an election, which is a passionate topic for many Singaporeans, and it suffered the haze along with many of its neighbouring countries. 319 more words


Have some Artichoke

Whenever I’m in Singapore, my friends know the drill. We must eat at good restos. Haha. So yes, special thanks to my friends who scour the city for good restos to dine in! 251 more words


Beware of the cold calls from the Fake RDO in Singapore!

It has been brought to our attention that timeshare owners living in Singapore are receiving calls from a company claiming to be the RDO Offices in Singapore… 375 more words


Strolling along Botanic Gardens

During my first ever visit to this red dot, my family and I visited this garden. Well, I only remembered visiting the National Orchid Garden… 228 more words