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Biennale 2016 - An Atlas of Mirrors - I

At the Singapore Art Museum.

When you combine deep, thought-provoking installations, photography and an hour and a half of walking around, you naturally end up with very hungry people.


Invitation to visit Fruit 🐒Monkeys, Singapore

I suppose if you were to open a fruit business in the chinese astrological year of the monkey, it would make sense to include the word monkey in the name. 1,195 more words

Where To Buy

Solitude at ACM

Asian Civilisations Museum.

Largely still under construction of sorts, but also nicely revamped and opened for all. Especially liked the Myanmar exhibit.

The new contemporary arts wing: 8 more words


Pho Street - Vietnamese Street Delights in the Heart of Orchard Road

Recently, The Centrepoint mall has been crowned the winner of Orchard Road’s Best Dressed Building Contest 2016 in the “Voters’ Choice Award” category with the The Christmas Clockwork Kitchen Lights Up dĂ©cor along Orchard Road. 299 more words

Food & Beverage

How to set up a system such that people copy and die.

Copycats and leeches are everywhere. Leeching is not something I was used to in Singapore. I’d only experienced leeching while living in Japan and Finland. 721 more words


Another Weekend in Singapore

I love Singapore and I’m super lucky that my cousin lives there as I certainly wouldn’t get to visit as often if she didn’t! We went for the weekend at the end of November 2016, flying with Singapore Airlines from Bangkok which takes around 2 hours, to go to Neon Lights Festival, which you can read about… 55 more words


Local Food in Singapore - Prawn Noodles

I did not plan to write another post on Local Food in Singapore as I have wrapped the topic at my last post but I thought I should share about this local food that I like, my comfort food. 262 more words


Audrey reblogged this on Living for Experiences and commented:

Couple of months ago I wrote a blog post on the Prawn Noodles stall at Zion Riverside Food Centre (refer to the post below), one of my favourite food stalls at that Food Centre. Unfortunately, there is a change in the stall owner. It is no longer operated by the young man (refer to the photos in my previous blog post below) and now operated by the original owner (refer to the media pictures stick at the stall). Last evening, I bought 2 pax of $8 portion takeaways from the stall. The prawns served were not fresh and smaller and the soup was oily. But the worst is that I ordered 2 pax of $8 portion for takeaway and he served the $6 portion (smaller prawns) and collected $16 from me. It only dawned on me that he overcharged when I recalled how he hesitated when he was returning the change to me. I gave him a $10 note and two $5 notes and expecting a change of $4 since I ordered 2 pax of $8 portion. I saw that he was initially planning to return $3 change and hesitated. He asked how much I gave him and I told him $20. He took another $2 note and gave me $4 as change. If he genuinely made a mistake, he should either charge $12 or change the prawns. He could change the prawns served in the takeaway without much trouble as the soup was packed separately. If that thought came to me earlier, I would have taken pictures of what were served in the takeaway. I am boycotting this stall and dear friends, I urge you to do the same. Now I understand why there was no queue last evening which was unusual. Pardon me for my ranting as I am still feeling upset and annoyed. :-(   Cheers Audrey