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The art of doing nothing

If I have perfected anything in life, it is the art of doing nothing for extended periods of time without the slightest guilt or urge to be productive. 44 more words


Top 10 foods in Singapore to taste

Cuisines in Singapore are totally different due to its people belongs to different cultures and religions. A trip to its local street food centers or food courts of a shopping mall will be an eye-opening. 443 more words


A Little Escape from Bustling Singapore

Singapore always changes every now and then. Somehow there’s always something new every 3-4 months. Either new restaurant, new mall or new hangout place. I guess only one thing that stays the same, the hustle and bustle of Singapore. 311 more words


Who bears the costs?

Why are there now so many people in Singapore who seem to think it’s acceptable and appropriate to take up seats at McDonald’s or Starbucks without actually being patrons? 522 more words


8 Most Likely Places to Catch Pokémons in Singapore (Pokémon Go)

Pokémon Go has yet to launch in Singapore (it is known to be coming “very soon”) and the wait for it to hit our shores continues! 1,072 more words


Flowers in Singapore

Before we moved to Singapore, we always had fresh seasonal flowers at home. Something about them really elevates my mood after a long day at work. 76 more words


Megumi: Restaurant review

The last time I was at Sunset Way, I was still a university student. How time flies. C had told me that she knew of this good Jap restaurant in Sunset Way, and so off we went one cloudy afternoon over the weekend. 444 more words