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Important Things to Know While Purchasing a Condo Unitas an Investment

Making an investment in order to reap profits by selling the entity at the proper time is a way of earning money for many people in the world. 461 more words

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Manage Your Finances Better! Get a Bank Loan for Your Condo Purchase

If you are thinking about abandoning your condominium purchase as you do not have the cash to finance the purchase, you might not have to do that anymore. 410 more words

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Different Types of Commercial Properties to Be Found In Singapore

There is a lot of potential in commercial properties in a city like Singapore, but before discussing and analyzing the potential in such investments, it is important to understand the different types of commercial properties that are available in the city. 379 more words

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Some Critical Information for First-Time Buyers of ECs in Singapore

If you are considering the purchase of an executive condominium in the city of Singapore as your first HDB property, there are a number of critical aspects that you must be aware of. 382 more words

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Critical Information You Need To Know About Commercial Property Loans?

If you have made up your mind to make an investment on a commercial property in the city-state of Singapore, you should be aware of the fact that such properties in the city accompany very high price tags. 392 more words

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Purchasing Executive Condominiums Provide Several Trading Opportunities

Executive condominiums are primarily meant for that section of people in Singapore who are unable to afford the high asking prices required to purchase private condominiums and houses in the city.These properties do not accompany very expensive price tags, yet offer facilities that are roughly equivalent to those offered by the many private condominiums in the city. 357 more words

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HDB Extension Of Stay Tweak Gives Sellers Greater Flexibility

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In July 2014, HDB has officially relaxed its resale guideline, allowing sellers to negotiate with their buyers for a temporary extension of stay of up to three months. 257 more words