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I’ve just seen something that quite disturbed me. A man had just sat on his motorbike; he was properly attired with protective clothing and helmet and so on; it was also a very large motorcycle, not a café racer, but one where you can sit back and  tour. 109 more words


The World's Most Relaxing Film!

Take some time out (7 minutes to be precise) and allow yourself to de-stress to this beautiful short film. This Danish film was specially made with the advice of experts from the fields of stress, mindfulness, nature therapy, medicine and music therapy. 41 more words


Shi Li Fang @ Orchard Central level 7

This place offer ala carte steamboat with mini pot or sharing pot. They do have affordable set. Good place for single diner! Since double soup and triple soup is the same cost, we took up the triple flavored hotpot. 115 more words


Don’t be deceived by

this mild orange gaze it’s here

to burn and blaze all day.


Excerpts from "Scandalising the Singapore Judiciary"

Excerpts from “Scandalising the Singapore Judiciary”

by Tsun Hang Tey (2010)

PDF Link to Journal Article: Informit.com.au | Ebscohost

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1. Rule of Law:

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Day 254 - The Pump Room

Tonight we went out since no matter how bad my cold was, that wouldn’t stop me from partying in Singapore. A friend who had lived there for so many years told us to go to The Pump Room to party like only the Singaporeans can. 159 more words