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singapore hangout

When you miss your friend but you’ve already sent her off a week ago at the airport, there’s really nothing else to do but to go where you sent her off to. 1,012 more words


Singapore: Recalled Memories

This is an old images from my last trip to Singapore. It has been a long time, so there might be already much changes.

I missed Singapore. 72 more words


Galaxy Cat

I came across this beautiful mural art at one side of Holland Village Market & Food Centre, the side that faces Haagen Dazs.

Gorgeous, isn’t it. 216 more words

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We are Married!

24th July 2015 marks such a significant day for both of us. Yes, we just got married! We only had a very simple solemnization in the ROM office of Singapore- no flower bouquet, no fancy decoration, no wines and food. 810 more words


Daily Digest 28/7/2015: More of an annotated bibliography?

Well this is a bit of a cop-out, since I didn’t really have time—or mental bandwidth—to do very much non-thesis reading. But I did come across a bunch of interesting articles on hyperinflation in game economies which I’m saving here for later, as well as two Straits Times articles on an interview with Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan Jin, and a personal account from a Filipino migrant worker in Singapore on a little social ritual of hers. 857 more words


On motorcycling and Singapore. (Part 1)


So recently (that is to say, several years ago) I realized that I wanted to ride a motorcycle. There are several reasons for this, those being the relative cheapness of purchasing and maintaining two wheels vis-a-vis four, the visual aesthetics of motorcycles (more on that later), and that widely trumpeted sense of freedom one gets with the wind in your face and the asphalt at your feet. 577 more words



Nikon D800E + Nikkor AF 200mmf/4D Macro