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Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation

This beautiful crystal bowl sound-bath meditation by Kim Le (at Yoga Flow SF), features a short introduction followed by about 20 minutes of pure, gentle and extremely relaxing crystal bowl music.

Healing Meditation

Brings Your FOCUS To NOW🌱

ShalinIndia Bell Metal Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are awesome and shift your focus to quiet your mind. I have mind over a year now and ring it every day.

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The Fifth Petal

The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry wrapped me in a warm blanket of mysticism, mystery, intrigue, history, jealousy, love and a thousand other feelings for about a week as I devoured the story of four young women that are descendants of four girls hung as witches in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.  251 more words

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Spring Soul Bath- offering


With Karen Calhoun and Gina Marie Mammano


Join Energy and Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Karen Calhoun and Poet, Author, and Spiritual Director Gina Marie Mammano for an afternoon of soul bathing in the waters of soothing sounds, guided poetic meditation, haiku, and submersion into the rich hues of the art of creating the finger labyrinth. 110 more words

Goats, minis, Paul and Nikolaus

I imagined my first proper day on a goats’ farm to be something like this: get up early, put on my ‘working clothes’, have a hearty German breakfast and then it gets a bit hazy… maybe move some hay around, stroke a few goats (can you stroke goats?), bottle feed the baby goats and wander around the farm. 827 more words


I Missed It!

All weekend long I was looking forward to the sound bath tonight. I took a quick half hour nap and everything because I was worried about falling asleep. 192 more words


Nepalese Silver Buddha Meditation

A 15 minute singing bowl meditation music for peace and wisdom, by Templesounds

Buddhist Meditation