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Yoga bear

So after months of convincing by various people, I finally decided to try yoga. I was initially quite reserved because I have the flexibility of a steel rod and I don’t like making a fool out of myself, unless its planned foolery and I’m not a fan of hippie ohm type stuff. 374 more words

Spiral Flight Sound Journey

Here is a quick YouTube clip from the introduction to our flagship Sound Journey:

The roughly one hour journey (full HD recording available soon) blends nature sounds such as ocean, storms, birds, rivers and so on, with Spanish Guitar, Overtone Chanting, Tibetan Bowls & Gongs, Didgeridoo, Steel Finger Drums and more. 70 more words


Glass Bowl Dream

My mom in law was clearing out the kitchen cupboards of old crockery. I spotted this rather ordinary looking glass salad bowl and a little voice piped up somewhere in my head “that bowl will sing” i grabbed it immediately and well. 43 more words

Overtone Chanting


Last night my wife Danusia and I went to a guided meditation at Tibet house.
That was nothing new; we’ve been there before. My friend Ezra turned me on to the meditation at Tibet house a couple of months ago. 844 more words


John Burggraaf - The Heart of Aishling

Artist: John Burggraaf
title: The Heart of Aishling
keywords: ambient, singing bowls, meditation, relaxing, sound art, yoga, Tilburg
reviewer: Simon Cowbell

John Burggraaf does bring exactly what the cover of this release seems to suggest. 223 more words

My Sonic Bliss Bath Experience

Saturday  night I attended a sonic bliss bath. I even got the whole family to join. Even though it was new to all of us David and Zinnia seemed to enjoy it. 616 more words