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How to Get YOUR Students Transcribing Melodies BY EAR by The End of Grade 3 (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series

Last time, I gave you a list of activities, materials, and singing games that you would need to do this. 2,955 more words

Lets Sing RockBand 4 Part 1 - Let´s buy some songs.

In case you havent noticed I try to be… different… when it comes to my youtube videos. SO in this video I spend 37:50 on browsing the RockBand 4 store for songs. 19 more words


Sally Go Round the Sun

The first stage is to sing it with students holding hands and walking in a circle, then changing direction on the word “boom.”

The second is to sing the song in your head and keep the beat with your feet and again change direction on the word “boom.” This is great for kindergarten and first grade. 59 more words

Lesson Activities

The Daily Doh

“Daily Do” is an original 67-note song using solfege and Curwen hand signs to sing intervals, major and minor triads and scales. It is the basis of learning the staff, steady tempo, and scales. 17 more words


Mi Do Do game

Step 1
Draw an eight step staircase (sideview) on the white board. Write the solfege syllables below each step.

Step 2
Tell the students that, “Solfege is a method for teaching sight-singing in which each note of the music is performed with a special syllable called a solfege syllable. 232 more words

Lesson Activities