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Almaz by Randy Crawford

A bit of a change

I love to sing and I like tinkering about with iMovie

so its been a splendid evening really.

I don't want to be on X factor or anything like that

  I just like creating sometimes for my own pleasure

My object all sublime, I will achieve in time

I always carry a paper diary and have never switched to digital calendar keeping except at work.  It is habit I suppose, but the act of writing things down helps to fix them in my mind.  329 more words

Music, Dance And Art

They Built This City on Rock and Roll- Splinters 25 Rock the Ages!

Now, out of all the musicals I’ve seen- and believe me, I’ve seen a lot!- Rock Of Ages is one that’s never really appealed to me. 564 more words

Fortunes and Their Real-Life Applications

I have a fortune cookie fortune on my laptop to remind me of something that I need to hear now and again.

“Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”

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Music as a passion....

There are few things in Life which have no bound… love, happiness, passion… many people have many passions.. some people like reading, some love to travel, some takes up photography as their passion. 198 more words