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Bird Song Before Dawn

In honor of Bird Day, May 4, (click the link to read about Bird Day, Nat’l Bird Day, and Migratory Bird Day)  http://www.holidayinsights.com/other/birdday.htm  I offer this poem, and a movie recommendation:  “Winged Migration” is a beautiful documentary—not at all “dry”, as the music and cinematography are splendid.  23 more words


MUST WATCH: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Shows Soft Side By Singing on Stage!

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Since Mayor Rodrigo Duterte decided to run for the presidential race, the public has been eager to know more about him. 23 more words

May 4th - BeeGees - "Night Fever"

In 1978, ‘Night Fever’ by The #BeeGees was at No.1 on the UK singles chart. It was the group’s third No.1 and the theme from the film #SaturdayNightFever… 301 more words

Feel Good

Piece By Piece - Kelly Clarkson cover

My cover of the emotional song ‘Piece By Piece’ by Kelly Clarkson, check it out here:
Piece By Piece Cover
I will soon be releasing my own music as I am in the process recording. Stay tuned!


The Simplicity of Singing

While dressing to impress
Can help diffuse the stress,
When the going gets slippery
Forget about the frippery.
Just hold your head up high
And bid you heart to follow: 65 more words

The Phenomenon Known as Bellowhead (My Thoughts)

There’s something to be said about arriving to the party fashionably late. I tend to err on this side, and my discovery of the former folk institution known as Bellowhead falls into the category. 3,395 more words