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No Man's Land

I love to travel and do it every chance I get. Living in LA may seem glamorous, but everything comes at a price and for me, that price is loneliness. 825 more words


The return of the ex

Sitting in my room with a swollen eye the day before Valborg, fun huh?

No I didn’t get into a fight! My eye just swell up this morning, so I have been avoiding people almost all day… well there was one problem though, I had an interview for an internship which I couldn’t cancel, but thankfully it wasn’t the worst thing ever.  748 more words


Hunt Happenings: 29 April 2016

It’s been a while. Thank you for still being here if you are. Those who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve been dealing with a transitionary time in my career. 413 more words


The Start...

So… what do you do when you find yourself at 27 and single. I am a dentist. I am a runner. I am trying to be a climber. 643 more words

All My Friends Are Getting Married And I'm Just Drinking Wine (The Upside Of Being Single)

All my friends are getting married and I’m just drinking wine. No, but really… I’m drinking a very light and aromatic Pinot Noir (with cheese) as I sit to write this. 697 more words


Sitting here, alone, in the crooked old pub on the site of a Dominican monastery from 1279, I’m reminded that I have 3 hours to fill in. 484 more words