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26 Signs He's Basically Gilbert Blythe But For Goodness' Sake You're No Anne Shirley (In Other Words, Give Up Dear)

  1. You sweat. And not gracefully. I mean, the really gross, pig kind of sweating. He always smells like Gillette.
  2. There’s always this crease of worry between his eyebrows when he talks to you and he maintains a distance of at least six feet between the two of you and always keeps his eye on the door.
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10 Reasons Why Crazy Girl Crushes Are Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Harmful

  1. You’re so hopped up on this guy that you literally refuse to see his faults, i.e., bad dress sense, acne, and the fact that he’s pretty boring.
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4 Ways Your Stupidity In College Will Catch Up With You

  1. By all means, live high on the hog with your tuition refund during your freshman year. Go to Goodwill to your heart’s content, eat cheeseburgers like there’s no tomorrow, buy lip gloss you’ll never wear, and books you won’t have time to read.
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Many mom’s and dad’s are the sole parent to their child for a variety of circumstances. I, however, have the opportunity to co-parent quite effectively with the father of my children. 383 more words

Loving too much

Is it possible to love someone too much, do you think? Part of me wants to believe in the kind of love that becomes the defining aspect of your life, and part of me thinks it might not be healthy. 165 more words

Single Life


Well I can’t quite believe it – Honey got in touch yesterday! That’s right the guy who told me we couldn’t see each other again as his wife was pregnant. 15 more words

Single Life

A Note on Optimism

Often social media shows just this optimistic and sunny side of the human experience. I don’t think we’re all trying to pretend to be something we’re not. 432 more words