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It’s a two-way road with steep drop offs instead of shoulders, and long curvy slopes that made driving more than 60 mph impossible. It was only 8 PM, and several cars were behind me and one coming in my direction on their side of the road.  366 more words


The Good on Paper Guy

When we girls make our wish list of what we’re looking for in a man, it sounds a little something like this:

– respectful

– handsome… 1,663 more words


I need YOUR help!

Hey Family… I need your help! I’m doing research for some projects I’m working on and I need REAL people, REAL answers. Can you be a part of my research? 121 more words

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Red Box

Saw the movie Baby Driver. What sold it for me was Kevin Spacey. He is the best. OH, Crap!!!!! another love story! The ending? Yeah, another Hollywood ending with a rainbow no less!!!! 29 more words


Confessions of a Lonely Heart

If there is one thing I have learned about myself this year, it is that I am desperate to be loved. For as long as I can remember, I have devoured romance novels and Rom-Coms and stared at my ceiling on long, sleepless nights dreaming about a love I can experience one day. 366 more words

Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely

So, I keep the door to my bedroom shut, pretty much always. My cat is an asshole and he just comes in here knocking shit over, so it’s easier to keep the door shut. 532 more words



How am I meant to know what you are thinking?

How do I know you won’t be like the rest and disappear?

Is there a way I can find this out without scaring you away? 15 more words

Single Life