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Tangled web

It appears Mr NP has a girlfriend, new or otherwise, I’m not sure. And apparently she bakes.

The downside of the World Wide Web is the ability to find out information easily that you’re not actually sure you want to know! 64 more words

Single Life

Changing Decades: I'm OK with not Turning 29 Again

“Are you terrified of turning 30?” my lovable Gallery Coordinator asked me when she realized by birthday was a few days away.

“Terrified! Try ecstatic!” I replied with a little skip. 931 more words



When I am the driver, change is exciting, definitely something I welcome. But when it is forced on me, change can be disorientating or even distressing. 207 more words

Single Life

Living the Dream

It has been so long, I feel, since I have written. It has been about a month…and I feel a little like I have fallen off the face of the planet. 527 more words

Five Minute Friday

7 Reasons to Stay Single (for a while)

I’m twenty years old, I don’t have a boyfriend and I honestly don’t care. In my opinion, it seems that every girl my age has a boyfriend, is engaged or has already been married. 840 more words


It’s hard out there sometimes, even for a beautiful land mermaid.

1. When she pointed out the struggle of finding a person with similar interests . 289 more words

Blog Posts And Other Works

The Fifth

I started my blog five years ago today.

It was hot outside – though not as hot as today – and I was sitting in my tiny, muggy top-floor flat, baking gently on Gas Mark Bored. 984 more words

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