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60 MPH

Here is the second part of my short lived “relationship” with  the French Kisser. Second date, he wanted to take me to the movies. We’d already had the marathon date several days before, so I figured a movie was okay, we’d already started getting to know each other. 504 more words

Against The Grain

I have never been one to join the crowd. The thought of being like everyone else makes me…well…irritated.  Personally, I like to stand out….go opposite the flow, against the… 674 more words

Daily Prompts

Hey Stranger

There are guys out there that are just a waste of time.

You think, ok nice guy, I’ll give you a chance. And you chat for a bit, a few days…. 642 more words

Dear Universe

If you ask the universe, “Universe, offer it up to me,” then, in turn, do you have to accept what is offered?

If you ask the universe, “Is my hair too poufy?” and a gust of wind comes along and blows it in your face, is the answer “yes”? 694 more words

Single Life

Coming up

Melbourne here I come!!

Long weekend to Melbourne 26th of May. Me at 2 Gal Pals. Goring to see the sights and the nightlife that Melbourne has to offer. 18 more words


About Me

This is me. I’ll tell you this now i’m a big fan of selfies.

Starting life from a couple to a single guy and ready to mingle. 44 more words


Karma's A Bitch

Managment came over to hang out with me the other night. As usual, it was good to see him. But as we sometimes do, he and I got involved in a rather long heartfelt sometimes painful deap conversation about our tangled past. 444 more words