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Fear and Uncharted Waters

“In truth, I wanted to reach out to that touch-stone of past comfort.”

Over the last months I’ve been really proud – downright cocky – about my fearlessness.

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All The Reasons Why You Should Be Proud To Be Single

You choose to stay single because you’re learning that having a romantic relationship won’t guarantee you happiness.

Your world isn’t going to magically change just because you have found someone who brightens up your day and gives you a colorful night. 551 more words

Many benefits of living alone - I

You do not have to plan your day around anyone else, is that not awesome?

You can eat, bathe, sleep, host friends and family, study, or read a book whenever you want. 71 more words

8 Sentences

Mid-life Journal

From infancy to adolescence, that whole phase seemed like it ceased to go haste.

Life back then was full of amusement, as paper plane needed no reason or logic to take its flight. 685 more words


Funny enough, I was sitting here debating my still persisting singledom, when I got a notification that someone was now following me on this. And two things occurred to me 1) I have a word press??? 623 more words

This is why i will be single for life...

Listening to “The Guy That Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind” Griffin House

I’m probably one of the most awkward people you will ever meet. 792 more words

Just When You're Over Them, They Come Crawling Back!

Ghosting –¬†When someone suddenly stops all form of communication with the person they’re dating, without any warning or explanation – Aka, disappearing off the face of the earth. 668 more words