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Happily Single?

My (mis)adventures on Tinder have been full of highs and lows (well, mainly lows). I’ve dealt with my fair share of mummy’s boys, racists, 1,017 more words



A girl’s real best friend is her signature drink!

Perfectly made!💋


Ignore This Post


One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is being ignored!!! How hard is it to reply with a simple “no” or “I’m not interested”. If I wasn’t crazy before, ignoring my texts is definitely going to send me over the edge.

Oh. And good morning.



Dating Detox

Over the last four years, I’ve been dating a lot. In fact, there has rarely been a week when I wouldn’t go out on a romantic rendezvous of some sort. 152 more words

Positive Psychology

Empty Chair

My heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t him. Yeah. The rugged jeep passing me looked just like my son’s car.

My son is away out of state to college. 312 more words


The hardest part

Enabling. Ugh, it’s the hardest thing to fully recognize and then cut out of your life.  On my journey to being happy this year, this is something that I know I need to be wary of. 414 more words

Single Girl In The City

The rules of texting 

– don’t text first

– 3 day rule

– don’t respond right away

– don’t double text

THIS is why dating in the 21st century is hard, cause there’s rules. 436 more words