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The life I wish I had with him

He’s not out of town on business – he’s out of town with two friends he sees twice a year.  They get together to camp, bike, and kayak. 530 more words



Oh my god. Timothy. You did not just do that.

Of course you did.

Let me catch the readers up to speed, here.

If you recall in my last post, sort of, I briefly mention I was sort of seeing someone. 1,099 more words

awkward questions you should avoid asking a gal who has never been in a relationship

from tumblr: easyluckyfree

High five to those gals who have never been in a relationship since birth! LOL

Admit it, every time you meet new people they would always end up asking you.. 521 more words


Home on a Saturday night...

It’s Saturday night and I had planned on going out for a little while but when I got home from lunch and errands but I ended up falling asleep. 423 more words


Chapter 2 Back in the dating field

As much as I loved the thought of JT being my man, I didn’t see it happening at the moment so I decided to finally get myself out there and start dating again. 641 more words


The grass is greenest where you water it…

Are you single right now? If so, when was the last time you were out somewhere, a bar, the gym, the supermarket, on the train – anywhere, where you saw someone that you thought was so attractive that your face went warm? 1,928 more words

Real Life

The single life

The heading is misleading but I really feel that it perfectly embodies what I want to say. So I moved from a city to a village. 1,504 more words

Village Life