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This is honestly just become a place for me to vent every time something in my love life changes. I guess because every other part of my life is pretty consistents. 680 more words



Is-shoe #3

Blue Suede Shoes…

I would be willing to bet that while nearly every American would recognize the song.. Most would probably remember it played by the King of Rock & Roll shaking his hips and curling his lips.. 390 more words

Girl Boss

22. A phenomenal Friday night.

The immediate attraction.  The flow of conversation.  The seductive looks.  The flirting.  The cigarette sharing.  The 6 hour build-up.  The energy in the cab home.  The touching.   70 more words

Single Life


Is-shoe #2

“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten..”

I would like to think I’ve left a trail of glitter throughout my 34 years… I’m fairly certain anyone who has ever known me has not forgotten my quirky traits and constant chatter.. 444 more words

Girl Boss

I don't want a fuck buddy

All I need (especially on hangover days like this) is a solid cuddle buddy.



Hi, my name is Jenn and I'm a bargain shopaholic! 
I honestly have more "is-shoes" than Vogue, or should 
I say more issues than Newsweek, since it's printed 
on a weekly basis. 354 more words
Girl Boss

New York, New York!

About 15 years ago, I decided that one day I’d like to go to New York at Christmas with a boyfriend. Thought it’d be like you see in the films… all romantic, going ice skating, snuggling up to keep warm. 700 more words

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