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Dawning (A 5 AM Vignette)

There’s a hand on my hip.  It traces down outer thigh and dances back.  The hazy, barely there morning filters in through a naked window, through an eyelid cracked open by the hand’s journey.  266 more words

Single Life

What Is Wrong With Me?

A 24 year old man once asked me if I was as discontent about being single as he was. He asked if there was something wrong with him. 1,020 more words

Life Questions


TW: sexual abuse, shame, purity/chastity, marriage

It’s been a long time since I took time to face how dirty I feel. I figured that today would be as good a time as any, especially with how I’m feeling right now. 2,256 more words

Sir Spam

I think it’s best to bring you up to speed with what’s happened previously so you can understand the current situation.

As mentioned, I have never had to utilise online dating before because I’ve been in long term relationships. 908 more words


News Flash: Being Single Is Absolutely A Choice

The other day I had an interesting conversation with some friends about free will.

We were sipping rosé in a trendy east side wine bar and enjoying our lazy Sunday. 1,609 more words

Letter to Crush ❤️

Dear Crush,

I don’t know whether you have known that you are my crush or not (I hope you haven’t). It just coincidently happened and I have no idea why. 472 more words


Man Diary

So where do I begin?!

I guess with a little about me – I’m 30, recently split with my husband of 3 years, a single mum to two dogs (Zeus & Thor) and a lover of changing my hair colour…you’ll realise soon why this description is both important to the story and completely useless at the same time. 280 more words