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Why your online personal ad is failing

I have been looking at online dating sites. Me personally? I need it to be organic. I have been catfished and the things that attract me to someone isn’t always tangible. 664 more words


Monday, November 23

It’s the start of another work week, but it’s a shorter one this time around. Hooray for Thanksgiving and three day work weeks. I’m actually not sure if I have work on Friday or not. 325 more words

Single Motherhood


Tomight, I think I met the man that will make me delete my dating profiles.

Before I sound crazy, this is just intuition speaking. I’m not some weird person that believes in love at first sight but let’s face it: You just sometimes know if you are compatible with someone. 242 more words


Out of my system

Well well… insomnia night volks… well it is still a topic for me. Never ending story. I mean what is that? Do we need that? Isnt it more fabulous to be alone? 493 more words


ticket for one

I went to the movies alone. by myself. solo.

You’re probably thinking one of two things. Option 1: “Shannon, literally not a big deal.” Option 2: “Oh, hunny child! 707 more words

Post-Grad Life

Be patient.....

Gosh dating is difficult.

Why is it so difficult to understand where the other person’s head is at!?

And to not take it personally!?

I am pretty confident the date went well. 156 more words

Single Life

Another One Bites The Dust

“Sometimes giving up, doesn’t mean that you’ve lost.”

Many of you may have forgotten about Catalina and Jason. If so here’s a recap:

These two were first featured in my previous blog entitled ” Approaching A Potential Match In Church: Yikes!”

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Single Life