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Misreading signals 

I’ve been thinking about Mr NP (as he is now known) and I. When we spoke and I asked him what was going on as was getting the vibe that things had changed, he said he hoped he hadn’t mislead me. 254 more words


Seeing the Cold Hard Logic

It’s funny how sometimes we can create something into something that it never was, or see something completely different than what is was. Is it a simple case of hope or a way to protect ourselves. 486 more words

Single Life

Dumb and Dumbledore.

Fix ups through friends are usually not very successful and quite often lead to some pretty interesting and sometimes disastrous outcomes. I was introduced to Rick by our mutual friend Dion.  868 more words


Self conscious and single

I’ve had a few nights out since I became single. But tonight was tough because of the mix of people. I also stayed sober so I didn’t have that social lubricant helping or hindering me. 141 more words

The Unicorn

Well, it happened. I met him.

I met the greatest guy. He’s kind, he’s sweet, he’s hardworking. He thinks I’m beautiful, smart and funny.  He kisses me like he means it. 419 more words


Friendly Conversations: Tres

On the future
M: I can’t even imagine where we’ll be in 5 years, let alone 10. I mean, when I was 17 there’s no WAY I thought I’d be a nanny in New York City and living with a long-term boyfriend at 27. 213 more words

Feeling blue

After a fortnight of not seeing each other I was really looking forward to seeing Mr AP for a long weekend.

Hadn’t made huge plans but kicked my house guests out for the weekend, planned some nice meals to cook and was generally looking forward to spending time with him. 288 more words