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Recently I read a ‘middle’ in Deccan Herald-“mum @82’”. In that, the author had described how her bereaved mother had preferred to be ‘independent’ and had learnt new skills to cope with daily life. 580 more words


It is now 2.12am Sunday 26th after a wonderful meeting the Pakistani community and making new friends I have found myself being teary, actually not teary crying. 465 more words


Hello Molly!

Once upon a first date I met a guy who was really cute and grabbed my interest immediately. He was in good shape, had a nice butt, and was definitely chill. 597 more words


Sleeping alone (with cat)

The past week or so has been focused on developing new routines around self-care. One of my main issues had been getting good sleep. At the beginning of my transition, it wasn’t too difficult to suddenly sleep through the night while alone (well…with cat). 394 more words


February 14th 2017 - I couldn't think of a better way to spend a singleton's Valentine.

The first one in 7 years I’ve spent as single.
I woke up feeling gloomy. Part of me was expecting a message from him today, I don’t know why, wishful thinking! 636 more words

Tinder Terrible 

Really rich? Oh my word, now I can finally give up this life of crime.

Sesame Street

I remember sitting at home waiting for Sesame Street to come on a child, the moment I heard the theme song I would get up and sing along! 461 more words