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Book Review: The Dating Manifesto Chapters 1-4

Concerned with where to go in your dating life? The Dating Manifesto by Lisa Anderson is a great start! Check out my review of the first 4 chapters. 15 more words


The Bees Knees

I’m sitting at work yesterday and my client comes in to sign his checks for me. Now I have dozens of clients and 90% of them are men. 746 more words

Just A Day In My Life

Valentine's Day: The single worst day for a single girl

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Or as some may call it, The Feast of Saint Valentine. Actually I don’t know anyone who calls it that. In fact, I just found that in the first sentence of a Wiki article. 361 more words

A Mile In Her Shoes

I'm Back!

I apologize for the several months hiatus, but I’ve finally decided to get this blog up and written on the regular again.. for several reasons. 264 more words


Friends come in all shapes and sizes

Friend, buddy, chum, pal. They are just words, not instant summaries. I started counting up different types of people I like in different ways, and got bogged down. 360 more words

Mature Singles

Getting older folks

I went out this past weekend with some friends. Needless to say, there was alcohol involved. HOLY CRAP! I was hungover for two days. I don’t know how this group of friends functions.. 198 more words

Single Girl In The City

A reoccurring theme then…….