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Blokes Today PR Themselves

Dating in 2017?

Like many of my mates I could spend all my money on dating the image the restaurant the Fancy Vodka’s and live with Their parents parents but I got my own place And the price you pay is that you’re single. 235 more words


Shits and giggles

After the snuggle/hair pulling sesh a week ago, I came up with the AWESOME idea of finding another man to do this to me:

Snuggle (clothes on) and pull my hair. 191 more words



Good afternoon everyone!  I pray your Tuesday is going well.  For some it’s a new day to get things done, and for others it’s just another day; going through the same old thing. 250 more words

So They Never Call You...

This is going to be quick and to the point.  STOP BEING CONCERNED ABOUT PEOPLE, WHO ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!  Right there, as you read that sentence, you automatically thought of a few people, who never take any time for you.  221 more words


Men; unanswered questions ...

I am no feminist, not at all. I believe succinctly in the importance of men. In fact, I relate better with the other sub-species of this human race, and I enjoy working together. 2,388 more words


Dating Apps Gone Wrong?

Are you seemingly on every dating app out there?  Merely trying to connect with right one?  Yet you keep running into the ones whom you’re not compatible with?  123 more words


All The Single Ladies (& Single Men): You Don't Have To Pretend!

Singlehood can be a time of self-discovery and adventure, but it can also be a time of aching loneliness and discouragement. Watching loving couples around you bask in their marital happiness, decorate their first Christmas tree together, have children and post all their glorious togetherness all over social media can be tough to take in. 567 more words