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Choose Escort ClassFor The Classiest Date In The Evening

Some beautiful women on date with other men have always attracted your attention. Now, it is your turn to attract the attention of other men with companions from… 420 more words



    Everyone of marriageable age is always concerned about getting the right partner and settling down to a happy married life. Marriage is one thing people should not be in a hurry to rush into. 175 more words

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Men & The Phone

This is what puzzles me about online dating and talking to guys on the phone. What puzzles me is when you exchange numbers with a guy after talking on whatever website your using or app. 342 more words

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8 Types Of Sex All Single Men Love To Have

Relationship sex is great. It’s there, you’ve already done the groundwork, and there’s even room for some freaky-deaky things, if you chose well.

Despite all your options, there’s still a few types of fun sex that aren’t available if you’re already taken. 634 more words

Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

This is what it feels like currently. No prospects. No dates. No intelligent lifeforms. It’s pretty dismal.

So I decide to hang out with a friend of mine, while she goes through her prospects. 333 more words

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Things That Go Through a Single Girl's Mind at a Wedding

As single women, we’ve all have been there. It becomes wedding season and being the single girl you are, you couldn’t be more excited. You get your new dress out, heels on and… 339 more words

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All The Good Ones Are Either Married or Gay

I’m starting to believe this could be right. Time after time, just when you think you find a nice one he either turns out to be married , gay or even better yet, not a real person! 348 more words

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