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Is it a debate or a singles meet up?

I went to a local Democratic Debate party with my friend Michelle to watch the debate between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that I went there hoping to meet like-minded single men. 128 more words


Study Shows Single Guys Improve Chances In Finding Love By Having Ugly Friends

Tired of not meeting someone to date and have fun with?

Daily Mail reports new research shows if a guy wants to meet women, he needs to surround himself… with not-so-handsome male friends…. 179 more words


What to Do with Grief, Sorrow and Broken Relationships: Consider the Psalter.

I’m sure you know a thing or two about heartache.

As innocent bystanders, sorrow often blindsides us; but let’s be honest, through intentional decisions or willful idleness, we invite heartache into our existence more often than we admit. 817 more words

Places to Meet Eligible Guys

Its becoming harder and harder to find single men!  It seems like all the good ones are taken! Rather than becoming desperate or settling check out some of these common places to meet eligible bachelors. 364 more words


6 Thoughts You Have When You're Single All Throughout College

This article appears on Elite Daily.

Being a single woman in college is by no means easy. Everyone around you is pairing off while you fill your days with homework. 803 more words

15 Encouraging Bible Verses For When You Wonder If You'll Always Be Alone

Can I be real with y’ all for a minute? Sometimes being single is a difficult and lonely journey. I’m sure many of you reading this who are single would agree. 761 more words

Got Any Jumper Cables?

For the past year I’ve been settling into my new found status as a single male. I must admit, the experience has been somewhat akin to donning an ill-fitting suit. 498 more words