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Qualms and Fiascos of online dating - banned from the circle of PoF

I’ve been banned from PoF for life. Three days without PoF! The shakes and tiredness are kicking in. However it could be due to that time of month or eating far too much chocolate for one person.  239 more words

The Qualms and Fiascos of online dating - has my PoFing malarkey come to an end... 

Putt, putt, putt(putt = kissing sounds. Yes they do! Well pretend you are hearing kissing sounds!) Oooh aah, oo, ooo… Oh my… Ooh aah oooooo… Shit sorry.. 538 more words

The Qualms & Fiascos of online dating - So what do I want? What am I looking for? 

his is a question I get asked time after time… TbH I don’t bloody know! For starters I don’t have a type. So online dating is pretty impossible for me on times. 424 more words

Qualms and Fiascos of online dating  - Fake or real - really? ! 

I started on PoF about 5yrs ago. I felt shy and vulnerable. Honestly I did.  I’d feel like a piece of meat being thrown into the lions den. 983 more words

The Qualms & Fiascos of on line dating - Baywatch Babe

I was going to delete my PoF account after my insanely long rant on back holiday Monday. But due to the positive response I received I began to enjoy PoF. 799 more words

The Qualms and Fiascos of online dating - getting on my TITS...

Last Monday I became increasingly frustrated and upset by what I was reading or seeing on men’s dating profiles. I noticed so many guy’s that were in their mid 50’s, probably older,  stating could women 60 and older stop messaging them! 457 more words

Single Support Frustration

Today, I am in a mood. It’s the irritated for no specific reason but there are underlying reasons kind of a mood. Oh course like many country songs, this mood spurred me to write about the frustration of finding good supports when you are single. 1,377 more words

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