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Your Profile Name Say's it All

Curiosity has bitten me right on the behind this morning. What am I curious about you might ask?  Well let me tell you.  As a fairly inquisitive person, my thoughts have wondered to the minds of today’s single men.   539 more words

6 reasons to try online dating

Evidence suggests that the stigma associated with dating online is continuously crumbling. It is no longer a place for the “cyber geeks” to hang out but a place for people like you to have fun, date and perhaps even meet the man / woman of your dreams! 275 more words

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The Art of Snogging

There aren’t many people in this world who don’t like to be kissed (we hope). Kissing is an evolutionary tool, one that creates a bond between two people long enough so they procreate and thereby ensuring the survival of mankind.   413 more words

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Where Do I Fit In?

Since I have turned thirty and have started to progress slightly into my thirties, I have noticed a major shift happening within a lot of my relationships with my friends who are married and/or mothers. 1,026 more words

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The Viking - 20 Questions

I was chatting with a guy on Tinder and showed my friend his profile photo. (He is wearing a black sheepskin(?) rug over his shoulders while drinking a (what he later described as a “bespoke” cocktail)). 321 more words