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Magic Goop

I’m a first time mom; I’m a single mom; but more importantly I’m a boy mom!!!! My son was one of the neatest babies I’ve ever encountered for probably the first 7-8 months of his life. 185 more words

August 22, 2017 - Part 5

I make John a tuna sandwich. Every can of tuna reminds me of trying to get groceries with WIC checks. And then living off of tuna and peanut butter. 1,002 more words


Let's Be Civil

The drama is high when a divorce is in process. I admit, I surprised my ex husband with the divorce, but he also knew that we were falling apart. 723 more words

Broken Family

Undefined Limitations

So, disclaimer from the start, I’m not in a relationship (dating or otherwise) with anyone, nor do I intend to enter into one anytime soon. 694 more words


Surviving Single Motherhood

According to 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, 80% of single parent homes are headed by single moms.

So, here’s to us single moms trying everything we can to raise strong, intelligent, wonderful children. 611 more words

Broken Family

Audiobook tour: Secret Love (The 4ever Series, Book 2) by Isabella White, narrated by Stefanie Kay and Duane Dale

I’m really curious about how the Author will redeem the hero because now? He’s kind of bad all around.

The audiobook is Secret Love (The 4ever Series, Book 2) 613 more words

Second Chances