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The Journey or the Destination - Which is More Important?

I wrote this while sitting enjoying a refreshing sea breeze on a boat bound for three beautiful Croatian islands. We enjoyed swimming in clear turquoise waters, a lunch of freshly-grilled fish and salad and an unlimited bar. 393 more words

It’s All About Attitude (and Plenty of Preparation)!

Recently, my eldest son landed his ideal starter job on his career journey. Sure, he worked at a well-known supermarket during his college course, but we always discussed that this would just be a stop gap to earn money before getting serious about what he really wants to do in his life. 605 more words

Shout out to the single mums (and dads!)

Being a parent is hard.

It’s really f*cking hard. These days women have to hold down a career, bring home the bacon, keep a well organised, well dusted, well hoovered house and raise their children in a rounded, loving, nurturing home environment whilst ensuring limited screen time, that everyone eats a balanced diet, gets their five a day and eats nothing processed, that the kids play with only educational, preferably wooden, non gender specific toys, while still finding the time to ensure they stay on top of root touch ups, eyebrow shaping and waxing! 360 more words


A Break Doesn't Need to be Heartbreaking

It’s the Easter holidays. Most mums are currently experiencing both the joys of having their children at home for the Easter Holidays and the slightly frazzled feeling of having to be Chef, Children’s Argument Umpire and Chief Entertainment Officer. 428 more words

Children Do Not Need a Two Parent Home

Children do not need a two parent home. Is a two parent home better than a single parent home? Well,  you tell me. Is a child better off living with a single parent or in a house with two parents who drink all of the time? 1,003 more words

Adoption Exposed

Surviving Single Parenthood Without Babysitters.

Sometimes in single parenthood, or any type of parenthood, the babysitting offers aren’t exactly flooding in and you have to figure out how to manage it all by yourself. 1,069 more words


How To Stay At Home With Your Kids Without Going Completely Insane.

I’m actually the wrong person to be writing this post: I actively avoid staying at home with my kids. I usually go out twice a day with them just to make life easier. 442 more words