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Single mamas.

Girls/Guys pick your partners wisely if I could seriously go back in time and pick the person I fell in love with, it wouldn’t be my baby father. 333 more words

New Mum

Not so single Mum

I stopped writing. Well, I stopped writing here. It’s incredibly egotistical to presume anyone noticed but I just thought I’d address it. It wasn’t a choice or a decision really, as with so many other aspects of my life, it just sort of trickled away from me. 1,198 more words


How to deal with unwanted parenting advice - 4 tips

It’s always the outsiders who have no full-time involvement with your child, that have the most to say. Now, by “outsiders” I mean anyone besides you or their father. 550 more words


Rock Bottom

Life is hard. Very hard. Having my child has only made me stronger, wiser and kind.


My life right now makes me wonder if it’s worth going on. 287 more words


"Kindness helps the world go round!" - Victoria Neumark Jones is a Virago Woman!

Victoria Neumark Jones is an Associate Professor of Journalism at London Metropolitan University. She writes features, reviews and columns for newspapers, magazines and websites, such as the Guardian, Fostercare Network and Slightly Foxed. 160 more words

Inspirational Women

Has parent alienation become a lifestyle brand?

I was triggered to write that headline by a programme on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 this week which explored changing attitudes to what it still called “single parenting” in the UK. 1,104 more words

Battling Parental Alienation

Living on a budget

With recently loosing my job we are now living week to week on one wage therefore we are learning to budget like we have never done before. 1,777 more words