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eagles dad

for the last few months i’ve felt pretty energized, creatively speaking

(i’d been reading lynda barry’s syllabus, and i think that gave me quite a bit of fuel and confidence, both) 99 more words

Me too.

Artist Clay Jones comments on his blog, “If you’re a man and you don’t understand what I’m talking about with this cartoon, stop and think about it.” This was a reality check for me…  13 more words


Comic: An Accurate Diagram of My Artistic Endeavors ca. 2017

Just a little autobio comic I doodled during my mystery fiction class, in the vein of Lucy Bellwood’s 100 Demon Dialogues. Just two weeks ’til… 16 more words


it's loud!

Portrait photographer Robbie Aupspurger has made some gorgeous retro portraits of modern musicians and every day people.  I don’t know who turned this portrait into an ingenious meme, but thank you very much!