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Cartoons completed into October.

I have up to week (episode) 28 inked and ready to publish. The gags seem to come easier the more I sit down to write. … 104 more words

Home from work...

Back to work.

I wanted to write/draw and ink at least 5 new cartoons before 11pm tonight. So far I got 3…penciled. And its coming up on 9. 51 more words

Steel Garden Panel 32" x 40" With E-coating

Steel Garden Panel 32″ x 40″ With E-coating


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These brand new steel panels are made of sturdy, durable, high- quality, heavy-duty steel pipe and wire with rounded edges, E-coating* and are simply perfect for growing vine plants like beans, peas, cucumbers, Oriental gardening, etc. 91 more words

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