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Separation of Concerns

El término es antiguo (1974 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_concerns) y hace referencia al desarrollo de aplicaciones utilizando secciones que pueden ser desarrolladas y actualizadas independientemente.

También hace referencia a la capacidad de crear módulos que funcionan sin conocer los detalles de implementación de otros módulos.

Loosely Coupled System

Single Responsibility Principle on different levels of abstraction

Somewhere in the early 2000s Robert C. Martin, most commonly known as Uncle Bob, came up with first five principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design – SOLID principles.  1,368 more words

Software Development

6th Sense

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Last post I talked about the architecture of Mech Retriever and what it allows me to accomplish.

One of the major things it does for me is allows me to have decoupled code. 284 more words

Single Responsibility Principle

This is episode 1 on my SOLID design principle series. Single Responsibility Principle is the S of SOLID principles.

Uncle Bob says,

A class should have only one reason to change…

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Design Principles

Url-shortener: a demo and more refactoring

A demo instance of my url-shortener project is now available here:


Usually, URL shorteners are deployed under a short domain name (for example: goo.gl… 583 more words


Changes in url-shortener

When I introduced my URL shortener project, I already had a working version and I thought I only needed to improve its front-end to be able to release the first stable version of the application. 1,656 more words