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Coding with Ruby: The Single Responsibility Principle

What is the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)?

SRP is the practice of classes having one function or responsibility encapsulated within them. All the methods and instances should be as closely aligned to this one function as possible. 203 more words


Single responsibility principle

Single Responsibility Principle:

  • a class or module should have one, and only one, reason to change.
  • keep a class focused on a single concern you should refactor the code into a class of its own, When code doesn’t belong in the class that contains it,
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What is SOLID Principle?

SOLID is a five basic principle of OOP and design. It stands for

  • S: Single responsibility Principle
  • O: Open closed principle
  • L: Liskov Substitution
  • I: Interface segregation
  • D: Dependency Inversion.
Design Principle

Implementing Web API Versioning using OWIN

In my previous post "Designing Web API Versioning" I covered some of the design aspects of versioning and in this post I am going to show you how to implement versioning in Web APIs using OWIN. 1,085 more words


Örnekle; Tek Sorumluluk İlkesi (Single Responsibility Principle -SRP)

Dekoratör tasarım kalıbını (DDP) yazıyordum ki kalıp ziyadesiyle tek sorumluluk ilkesine (Single responsibility principe -SRP) uyma konusunda öneri getirdiğinden bir ek yapıp tek sorumluluk ilkesinin  kısa bir tanımını vermek zorunda kalmıştım. 978 more words


Dekoratör tasarım kalıbı (decorator design pattern)

Bir sınıf, yalnız ve yalnız bir sorumluluk üstlenmek üzere tasarlanmalıdır.

(Single responsibility principle – SRP) Tek sorumluluk ilkesi Bob emmi  (R.C. Martin) tarafından tanımlanmış ama o da kaynak olarak  …

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SOLID principles in .NET revisited part 2: Single Responsibility Principle


In the previous post we set the tone for the recycled series on SOLID. We also presented a piece of code to be improved. There are several issues with this code and we’ll try to improve it step by step as we go through the principles behind SOLID. 1,052 more words