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SOLID principles in .NET revisited part 2: Single Responsibility Principle


In the previous post we set the tone for the recycled series on SOLID. We also presented a piece of code to be improved. There are several issues with this code and we’ll try to improve it step by step as we go through the principles behind SOLID. 1,052 more words


What Makes a Microservice "Micro"?

Microservices Summit this summer. Speaking opportunities open now. Contact me.

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Application Architecture

Social Enterprises and the Single-Responsibility Principle

I recently had the privilege of being a judge for Cruz Cares, which describes itself as “a pitch contest for social change.” Four non-profits and two for-profit companies competed. 1,107 more words

Single Responsibility Principle

SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) is one of the five design principles, gathered by Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”) in the book  Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices… 452 more words


SOLID 1 - Single Responsibility Principle

In this post I would like to share with you some important insights I gained over the last few months. This blog post will be about uncovering arcane knowledge, it will be about the… 3,369 more words


Today I Learned - How to Break Down A Massive Method

During this past week, I was working with our intern and showing him some cool debugging tricks when I came across a massive method. I gave him 30 seconds to look at it and tell me what he thought the method was doing. 1,185 more words

Today I Learned

Software Language Engineering: The Visitor Pattern

This may feel like a slight detour; but believe me, it’s a necessary one. If you are already fully familiar with the Visitor pattern, you are free to skip this section. 1,550 more words

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