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Changes in url-shortener

When I introduced my URL shortener project, I already had a working version and I thought I only needed to improve its front-end to be able to release the first stable version of the application. 1,562 more words

Project Descriptions

Code Review - takeaways and dependency injections

Our second weekend challenge was to build a program that allows a customer to order a takeaway. The customer needed to be able to view a menu, add items off the menu to their basket, view a summary of their basket and checkout their order. 502 more words


Week 2 - the Oyster and the Mega-Class

Dear Week Two,

It’s hard for me to comprehend the path our relationship has taken. It started out so well, so bright. Two young hearts…

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[Fake it ‘til you make it] SOLID OOP - S stands for "Not my fucking job"

You’re knee-deep into your interview now, with your interviewer absolutely wowed by your grasp of the Liskov Substitution Principle. You allow yourself to breathe and think “I’ve got it, this job’s mine”. 892 more words


Does DDD promote large Aggregates?

Recently, we had a presentation at my workplace about Domain-Driven Design concepts, given by my team member. He tried to explain the main thoughts behind it and gave some real world examples to make it easier for the spectators to grasp them. 1,279 more words

Domain-Driven Design

How to implement Open Closed Principle and 2 other SOLID principles super easy way

Adapting to changes quickly in software development has a nice term called “Agility”. Agility of development depends on the agility of the underline design the development based on. 1,426 more words

Dependency Inversion Principle