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End the plastic tide

Greenpeace Philippines have created an amazing piece of art out of plastic to show how much of an effect single use waste plastic is having on our oceans. 76 more words

Your Single-Use Water Bottle Probably Isn't Recycled & If It Is, It's Not Helping

Once a single-serve plastic water bottle is consumed it does not just disappear when it is tossed into a garbage can.

Of the 80 million single-serve bottles of water consumed daily, 30 million end up in landfills. 238 more words


Turning the tide on plastics

The use of plastics, in particular single use plastics, has been in the news and on the TV a lot in the past couple of months. 117 more words


What Can One Person Do?

“The changes I make don’t actually make a difference”, “this one water bottle won’t hurt”, “my life doesn’t actually impact the environment”. We’ve all been there, we have all had those thoughts – how could a small, simple, act like forgetting your reusable water bottle actually impact the environment. 1,130 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The overindulgent, fullness of Thanksgiving has finally worn off. No more planning for a big family meal, making sure that everything is absolutely perfect when your mother-in-law walks in the door. 789 more words


Not so fantastic plastic: Update 2018

I am going to do two unusual things here today. Number one, have some pictures. Number two, write seriously about serious stuff.

My blog generally avoids the real world because of my propensity to mentally spiral down the little plughole at the bottom of a sink of darkness, despair and frustration with only the merest of pushes off the edge. 1,461 more words

Proper Job

Gynko Sheath

The new single-use sheath which makes diagnostic hysteroscopy of 3mm!

Made of medical polyurethane plastic, the new cover GYNKO provides the gynecologist a useful tool to perform diagnostic hysteroscopy of only 3mm. 73 more words