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Single-Use Technology and Modular Construction

Transitioning away from stainless steel to disposables has been an important industry trend. According to a 2015 report by BioPlan Associates, 90% of biomanufacturing facilities are using single use/ disposable technologies to some degree and 69% of manufacturers and suppliers report performance improvements over the previous 12 month period due to the use of disposables. 423 more words


Gynko Sheath

The new single-use sheath which makes diagnostic hysteroscopy of 3mm!

Made of medical polyurethane plastic, the new cover GYNKO provides the gynecologist a useful tool to perform diagnostic hysteroscopy of only 3mm. 73 more words


BioPhorum Operations Group’s (BPOG) Best Practices Guideline for Mitigating Risk from Leachables

The BioPhorum Operations Group’s (BPOG) Best Practices Guideline for Mitigating Risk from Leachables in Polymeric Single-Use Components Used in Biomanufacturing will be presented at BioProduction, Dublin in October 2016.  273 more words


Leachables Testing Methods & Best Practices

Author: Nick Hutchinson

BPOG’s Best Practice Guide

The biopharmaceutical industry is increasingly using Single-use systems (SUS) for the manufacturing of medicines. Furthermore, companies are applying the technology in applications that are more critical to patient safety. 491 more words

Bioprocessing International Europe

Push for plastic bag ban in WA

The Town of Bassendean will tonight decide whether to ask the State Government to implement a state-wide ban on single use plastic bag distribution.

Bassendean councillor Renee McLennan wants Environment Minister Albert Jacob and opposition environment spokesman Chris Tallentire to commit to the introduction of a ban by 2018. 212 more words


Everything Has Value

Every time I see a beverage can littered somewhere, I think of can collectors. Yes, the men who would go around collecting cans in a large cart or large bag to take to the cash-for-cans machine.  413 more words

Zero Waste

You Wasteful S.O.B.

There’s a quote I read (by someone that I can’t remember) that has been sticking with me for months. It went something like:

How can it be believed that sending people into the forest to bulldoze a tree,  sending that tree to a factory, processing that it and bleaching it until it becomes a paper plate, then shipping that paper plate to a store where customers drive to go buy it, use it once and then throw in into the garbage where it’s picked up by a garbage truck, transported to a landfill and dumped into a hole in the ground where it will never be seen again, could… 583 more words

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