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Efficient Integration of Single-Use Equipment During Capacity Expansion Projects

By Nick Hutchinson

More than ever before, biopharmaceutical companies are able to establish their own in-house biomanufacturing capabilities. The adoption of single-use technology has reduced the need for expensive utilities systems and large manufacturing footprints. 748 more words


How can dentists say no to patient discomfort and yes to visibility and safety?

By using a new nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation nasal mask designed for patient comfort and relaxation, and for clinical efficiency

AXESS™ Masks, released earlier this  month by Crosstex International, Inc. 187 more words


Affordable Biologic Downstream Purification with Single-Use Protein A Membrane

This article was originally published on www.DownstreamColumn.com by Brandy Sargent, Editor in Chief

At this year’s Biotech Week Boston there were many exciting talks on downstream purification and associated new technologies. 2,378 more words


Supplier Capabilities Underscore Their Value Creation Potential

By Dr. Nick Hutchinson

The introduction of single-use technologies into biomanufacturing process increasingly requires the industry to operate as a cohesive network of organizations that function across all levels of the supply chain to ensure the safe and efficient production of biopharmaceuticals. 774 more words


Difference between Single Use & Reusable Instruments

One of the most common questions we hear from our visitors is regarding the difference between single use (or disposable) and reusable instrument.

Simply put, single use instruments are made of lower quality (aka Pakistani Steel) and reusable instruments are made of better quality (Japanese, French, or German) Steel. 251 more words


Single-Use Technology and Modular Construction

Transitioning away from stainless steel to disposables has been an important industry trend. According to a 2015 report by BioPlan Associates, 90% of biomanufacturing facilities are using single use/ disposable technologies to some degree and 69% of manufacturers and suppliers report performance improvements over the previous 12 month period due to the use of disposables. 423 more words


Gynko Sheath

The new single-use sheath which makes diagnostic hysteroscopy of 3mm!

Made of medical polyurethane plastic, the new cover GYNKO provides the gynecologist a useful tool to perform diagnostic hysteroscopy of only 3mm. 73 more words