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A free and easy way to make being homeless a little more comfortable and reduce plastic waste

Carrier bags are a big blemish on the planets eco system; causing health problems for wild life in the ocean, making a mess on land. In the UK, supermarkets hand out… 302 more words


Bring your own bag.

Recently I came across an advertisement in the supermarket. It concerned carrier bags. And it made me start thinking. About plastic bags. And suddenly I could not walk through any supermarket anymore without noticing the amount of available plastic bags. 452 more words

Three From The Past (2015)

1. Generations.
2. Writings.
3. Single use plastic bags.
To deduce-
One day no longer in use.



Smart syringes that break after one use should be used for injections by 2020, the World Health Organization has announced. 351 more words


¿Qué pasos sigo para actualizar mi versión anterior de ArcMap a la versión 10.3?

Actualizar a la version 10.3 de ArcGIS for Desktop.

Para licencias Single Use:

Si cuenta con una versión 9.X o 10 es recommendable desautorizar y desinstalar el programa de la computadora limpiando el registro para borrar cualquier rastro de esta versión. 219 more words


Meisinger now has your single use needs available for you!

Below are literature pieces that go over the new Meisinger single use burs and diamonds.  Still the same great quality, but now covering your preferred way of cutting. 6 more words

Benco Dental

Why Disposables can be Dangerous

Only 75 years ago, most Americans produced virtually no trash.  In 1960, the average American generated about 2.68 pounds of trash per day.  In 2010, Americans were producing 4.43 pounds of trash per day.  173 more words