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How young is too young? - 7

So here I was not able to hold down any kind of relationship and wondering if there was something wrong with me.  My ego had taken a few bruisings over the past year and I was so sick of men being fuck-boys to me.   828 more words

Bold, Beautiful & Single

This blog is for singles who are struggling to find a meaningful romantic connection. 

In a world where the “chronically single” are often misunderstood, this blog will serve as a support system during the ups and downs of dating life. 62 more words


Vaguely about the end of a relationship

The lecturer held up an LP cover. It was Supertramp’s 1975 album, Crisis? What crisis?. The sleeve pictures a man reclining with a drink under a beach umbrella, but instead of a beach he is set against a bleak factoryscape, a nightmare of grey industry spewing pollution. 434 more words


My friends are getting married and I'm getting blisters

Like many 20-somethings, my friends are on two different ends of a spectrum. Some of them are married or about to be, while others, functional adults as they may be, are spending their weekends playing “Who Can Get the Highest B.A.C.” and they play to win. 605 more words