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It’s coming up to my 2 year anniversary of being (for the most part) single. I’m pretty much an open book but in case you don’t actually know me (you should, I’m excellent) I’ll give you a bullet pointed history of the last two years of my dating activity: 829 more words


Divorce Isn't a Death Sentence

Divorces happen. Some would even argue that divorces are happening more and more these days. We certainly hear about it more, especially with people in their 30s and 40s. 1,146 more words


Chatterbox: Rising UK upstart Loveday talks to us about 'Close' & VCR music videos

Hey, thanks for chatting to us. Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Hi! I’m slightly obsessed with Back to the Future! 378 more words


Ladies, Stop Expecting Closure. It's Overrated.

Oh goody, the joys of the complicated, confusing and after awhile pointless dating culture. Let’s discuss ‘closure’ on today’s episode, shall we. Closure, the one word that we like to throw around when a dating/relationship situation ends abruptly or without any explanation, and then spend a great amount of time contemplating and wondering in the back of our minds, why did they do me like this? 672 more words


How to marry a rich single?

If it is not easy to know a rich man, it is very difficult to find a rich man to marry.It seems to us that people with money generally don’t have to worry about getting married because they have the money to avoid a series of problems caused by money in real life. 466 more words

Being a Good Mom

Do you consider yourself a good mom? Even now that my children are adults, I feel like I came up short on the good mom front when they were growing up – at least some of the time. 701 more words


🎥 Video | My “Fierce 5” Reflection; For My Singles

Hey ladies, I hope you’re enjoying the “Fierce 5”  Marriage Series as much as I am! Did Momma Forrest bring it or what? I am so thankful for this amazing woman and how she’s poured into my life! 87 more words

Fierce And Fefined