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SOTD: Dead! // Something More Original

From the get-go, Dead!’s ‘Something More Original’ is a track that’s explosive as it is meaningful. Opening with the lines “You bit down so hard on the curb that you ate it / You took all these parts but you couldn’t make it… 62 more words


Girlfriend To Wife

Dating as a whole in today’s society seems to be a huge joke. People are so willing to screw over and screw anything and anyone who gives them attention. 10 more words


Dating: Reasons to love being single

Let me start off this post by saying that I have been in relationships, I’ve dated, I’ve “seen” people and I have also been single. I have never been in love, although I have used the word before. 882 more words


Dear 21 year old 'ME'

To Me,

I don’t know…Why my heart doesn’t race? Why my stomach doesn’t get butterflies and why I don’t fall in love?When I see someone ! 518 more words


A Tale of Awkwardness

Today (actually a few days ago by now) it sucked balls. We went bowling, only the two of us. We’ll call him… Roberto.

By the saturday night it all happened, I was completly broke and my new job would not start until the following Monday. 568 more words


Single cinema, smug hangover and colourful lips

Went to the cinema on my own for the first time.

Nailed the hangover. So prepared. So smug.

Bought the appropriately named lipstick I wanted. And another colour too. Obvs.