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If I asked you what was it that you had to offer the world would you be able to answer me?

What makes you unique? 48 more words

Back When

But the light hazes in this boundless bedroom

and all I see is clingy, itchy ivy

entrapping my wrist like regret imprisons my thoughts.

I can’t take back this one night but still… 40 more words


RALPH | Busy Man

One of the greatest villain introductions in cinema is that of Scar in Disney’s “The Lion King.” For real, bear with me. As a small mouse scurries around, the aforementioned regicidal lion, pounces on the unsuspecting rodent and laments how life is unfair. 241 more words

New Music

Counting Down

I find myself always “counting down” to some event.

12 days until the Ole Miss football game

16 days until Port Night

18 days until my friend’s wedding… 372 more words

Why being single is okay

I have now been single for around 3 months.

Love is plastered everywhere, you can’t read a book or listen to music or watch a TV show without some sort of love interest involved. 558 more words