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Poison in the Coffee.

This girl I know sent me a batch of “you’re so fucked up” brochures. The worst part about it is that she knew exactly what she was doing. 709 more words


Mickey Factz - 13th Disciple

New York emcee Mickey Factz drops a new visual from his latest project “740 Park Avenue”  In this video Directed by Fred Oliveira and Sponsored by Uniqlo,Factz has a rather candid conversation with God about battling his inner demons. 19 more words


When You Just Want To Be Alone

Recently, someone questioned my affinity for red wine. My answer, as most of my answers, was probably not at all what they expected.

“We bonded.” I said laughing, and taking a sip from the glass that had inspired such a question. 777 more words


Jatuh Hati – Raisa

Raisa. Lengkapnya Raisa Andriana. Vokalis wanita Indonesia yang saat ini banyak dibicarakan. Dia tak hanya punya modal wajah, tapi juga modal suara. Kemunculannya di dunia musik Industri Indonesia memang bagai oase di tengah keringnya vokalis wanita yang tenggelam karena tren… 661 more words

Point Of View

Day 1: "Why are YOU still single?"

I decided to do The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge, partly to get back into the habit of keeping up a blog. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say; it’s just been hard these past few months putting my thoughts into words. 717 more words



My confidence at work has taken a beating. A client refused me, and today a co-worker just talked to me like I was an idiot. I just wonder why I’m in this field I’m in…I know I’ll never be brilliant in this job. 107 more words