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SOTD: Cara Hammond // No

Bite down on this impeccable piece of empowerment. It’s jazzy, smooth and remarkably meaningful so, in other words, enough to make your Thursday more colorful. 9 more words


Living Single

Coming back & forgive you

It’s so draining for me

But I love you

You know how love be

We could be something since we always argue… 133 more words


The Tinder Blog part 2

Prerequisite reading for this blog is this blog.

It’s been so long. How long…? God, I don’t even remember. Come on, when was my last date? 1,005 more words

The Benefits of Being Single in Your Mid-Late Twenties

When I was a little girl, I (secretly) had my life planned out.

14-16 – First boyfriend

16 – First kiss (isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on your sweet 16?) 1,458 more words

Hello Out There

So, this is my first post and so I’m going to do the typical first post thing and introduce myself and tell you why I’m here. 287 more words


ASUS launches Lyra Wi-Fi mesh networking system

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

ASUS launches Lyra Wi-Fi mesh networking system

Wi-Fi mesh networking systems are the latest rage in home networking today and ASUS has just announced its entry with the new Lyra Wi-Fi mesh networking system. 201 more words


Alex Cameron sings Candy May


ATMOSPHERE: You’re standing in your living room sweating. Beads of sweat pouring down your face. It’s a hot day. You’re standing in front of the door contemplating opening it. 101 more words