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Embracing a Season You Never Chose

Valentine’s Day.

Like country music, Facebook, or prom night, it’s one of those institutions that celebrates romantic love for those who have it, and acts as kryptonite to the contentment of everyone else. 1,021 more words


Missing a Romantic Bone

With Valentine’s Day approaching, talk of love is everywhere.  And it is interesting because this is the love I don’t connect with.  Truthfully, it is a love I have no interest in (or expectation of) connecting with.    408 more words

The Woman I Want To Be

Introducing Mr. Valentine

As a little girl, I loved February 14th. It has always been one of my favorite holidays, even when I had no concept of romance. Why? 1,022 more words


...and my heart still breaks!

I don’t keep a diary.

I do however have a box full of momentums & memories. Every so often I look through it & the things I can remember stay and the rest goes. 1,096 more words


The Princess Effect: Who Are You Most Like?

Recently  I took one of those Facebook polls that tells you your closest Disney relative. I’m not sure what exactly I do when I learn I’m just like Baloo from the Jungle Book, but it got me thinking.  877 more words


Single? Let preparation preceed pursuit

The idea of relationships and being single is an often discussed topic, at least for me it is. If it’s not something you talk about a lot, well then you must be one of the fortunate ones who’s “taken.” It’s something that God and I seem to discuss quite frequently, and let’s just say “as you will, Lord” is not always my motto. 1,524 more words