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Shouting into the void

Futile frustration reverberates through the chasms that lie

Hidden from view


Familiar tones echo in response

A suggestion that for once I am not alone in this place… 36 more words


Is My Singleness Making Me Selfish?

By Amy Juran, Writing Assistant Intern

Lately I’ve been having this inner struggle about how my singleness might be making me into a selfish person. 1,064 more words

Sexual Integrity

Cacophony of Light

People often ask me,

“How is a girl like you still single?”

As if it is something I have done,

Or something I won’t get over. 498 more words


Post-Apocalypse Dating

Okay – so for me, friends were EVERYTHING during the immediate post-life crisis! I would not be alive today if it weren’t for the love of my very caring, very wonderful friends who I journeyed with through divorce. 1,036 more words


BEncouraged | Taking a TKO

“3rd time down…and love wins, again.”

When a relationship doesn’t turn out the way you expected, it can be difficult to embrace the disappointment. It seems that love at times catches us off guard, and then blindside us, knocking us into disillusionment and disappointment. 196 more words


The Single Truth

(Warning: This post might seem tongue in cheek or angry in certain cases, but let it go, don’t take it seriously, but at best, take the points I make as something to actually consider. 2,132 more words


All the Single Ladies {Part Two}

This is the second part of Alida’s honest words on singleness and the church. I pray it continues the conversation for you. As for me, I’m working on something beautiful that I hope I can share with you next week. 1,275 more words

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