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Single Forever?

The link below is to an article that takes a look at singleness, and what if singleness lasts forever?

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Joy For the Season Part II

I recently posted the blog “Joy for the Season”. This blog had been sitting in my notes section of my phone for months. When I was going through my notes I felt I should go ahead and post it. 509 more words


Enough with Cliquey Church Social Groups: Why we Need to be Intentional in Creating Community at Church

A few weeks ago we were visiting a couple from our church who have a young baby. As we were talking a sad reality came to light. 1,686 more words


3 Weeks Later

you know how sometimes when you try something on, test out a new recipe, and/or even travel to a new place – you end up sometimes finding out that what you thought you wanted…well, actually isn’t? 861 more words


A Bold Woman's Prayer for a Future Husband

Many of you clicked to read this blog thinking you’re going to get a 10 step lesson on how to pray for your future husband. You can stop reading now, because that ain’t gonna happen. 869 more words


How the Church is failing its single members

By Mackenzie Young

I’ve noticed that the Church almost always speaks of singleness as merely a season of life – a precursor to a bigger, better time, a time to be married, a time to mother and raise children in Christ’s name. 466 more words