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Singles Training #5: How to View God

“But God…you’re just so boring.”

The confession was guilty, but honest.

I was in the waning years of my teens, struggling with loneliness, and had stumbled upon an article telling me to “find my ultimate satisfaction in God”. 1,383 more words


Will I Be Single Forever?

SOURCE:  Stephen Witmer/Desiring God

I was single all through my twenties, and I enjoyed it a lot of the time. When I wanted a particular food for dinner, I ate it. 1,107 more words


Singles Training #4: How to View Others

I have two good friends who recently got engaged to someone after only three or four months of dating.

I know – every Courtship Alarm went off in your head as you read that.  1,512 more words


Adventure Awaits

Sometimes adventure is found in the waiting.

In the times where answers are not clear and passions continue to burn.

It’s found in the choice of writing one more line even when you don’t feel enough. 244 more words


Singles Training #3: How to View Yourself

I am a child of the King.

Say it again.

I am a child of the King.

Keep saying it.

I am a child of the King. 1,253 more words


Singles Training #2: How to View The Kingdom

One of the high schoolers I used to mentor became a married woman this past spring. (That’s two of them who have beaten me to marriage! 1,416 more words


Singles' Training #1: How to View A Spouse

Please share this if someone you know might find it valuable.

It’s fair to say that we singles view these days as a kind of training. 1,567 more words