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Review of VRLA Expo 2015


In today’s podcast, we review our experiences at the VRLA Expo, a Los Angeles based event that showcases the latest in virtual reality entertainment.  We describe our experiences with a wide variety of Oculus and Gear VR applications and ask the question: what are the most exciting uses for this new medium? 103 more words


The Genetics and Neuroscience of Torture


Every book on torture that i have browsed is mainly devoted to methods of torture and then to three topics: Ethical arguments against torture, Utilitarian arguments against torture, and History of the rejection of torture. 52 more words


Support the Progressive Caucus Budget


In a recent televised conversation, Thom Hartmann and I discussed the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ proposed federal budget. The “People’s Budget” would create 8.8 million new jobs, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, restore SNAP nutritional assistance funding, end sequestration cuts, restore unemployment benefits, expand Social Security benefits, raise taxes on millionaires (to Clinton-era levels), provide public campaign financing – all while reducing the deficit by more than $4 trillion over ten years. 202 more words


Transhumanist Party membership open


The Transhumanist Party is a new political organisation in the UK, part of a network of similar groups around the world, committed to positive social change through technology. 48 more words


Children as Chattel–The Common Root of Religious Child Abuse and the Pro-Life Movement


On the surface, valuing embryonic life and abusing children are at odds, but with a biblical view of childhood, these positions can go hand in hand.  45 more words


Putting America Gainfully Back to Work

http://ift.tt/eA8V8J Years ago, my brother, Matt, explained to me that there are three ways to push out the productivity curve: technology, capital, or people. When we increase productivity, we increase wealth…. 10 more words