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Gene Drives Could Wipe Out Insect-Borne Disease — But What’s the Price?


In 2014, a few days after Christmas, Dr. Valentino Gantz walked into his lab at the University of California, San Diego to check on some newly hatched fruit flies. 30 more words


The Future of News? Virtual Reality


What if you could experience a story with your entire body, not just with your mind? Nonny de la Peña is working on a new form of journalism that combines traditional reporting with emerging virtual reality technology to put the audience inside the story. 35 more words


Future Fiction: To an Antique Land


Originally Published on Serious Wonder by Adam Alonzi

The streets are quiet now. They’ve been removed. Harmony permeates a prosperous civilization. What is outside of it is not noble. 62 more words


Sunday Seven: artificial intelligence, 3d printing, railroads and glitter

Some cool stuff from this week, plus a new feature in which I share with you one thing I’ve been enjoying this week (keeping it down to one will be very, very difficult, but in the interest of brevity I will do my best). 1,550 more words


Could You Survive Nuclear Fallout?


A Close Look at the Longterm Aftermath of a Nuclear Explosion. Its not pretty.

from Ethical Technology http://ift.tt/1SqcD15 6 more words


Day 186 - A Moment Of Singularity

Breath Work


– that moment

of singularity,

a conjunction

in space and

time – both

infinite, bounces

between the

external experiences

and the internal… 95 more words

Star Trek Philosophy: “Killing Is Wrong, No Matter Who’s Doing It”


The following dialogue below took place on Star Trek: Voyager, on episode 13, season 7, titled “Repentance.” It was between Seven of Nine (whom is a former Borg drone) and the Doctor (whom is a holographic emergency medical physician), of which they discuss the morality (or lack thereof) behind the act of killing another living being. 12 more words