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Teaching Machines to Understand, and Summarize, Text


We humans are swamped with text. It’s not just news and other timely information: Regular people are drowning in legal documents. The problem is so bad we mostly ignore it. 923 more words


The Corporatization of AI is a Major Threat to Humanity

By Ben Goertzel

This “editorial” article represents the personal views of the author, shaped by his 3 decades in the AI research community and 2 decades as an AI entrepreneur. 3,723 more words


PERSISTENCE OF LONG-TERM MEMORY: in Vitrified and Revived Simple Animals


By Natasha Vita-More

First published in Cryonics Magazine

“If the aging process is controlled in a similar way in worms and humans, then we can use…

2,988 more words

'The Possible Human' Review of 'The Future: A VSI' in the ‘Network Review’

The Future: A Very Short Introduction by Jennifer M. Gidley (OUP, 2017)

BOOK REVIEW by David Lorimer, Editor of the Network Review: Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network… 1,092 more words


Why XPRIZE Is Asking Writers to Take Us Through a Wormhole to 2037

In a world of accelerating change, educating the public about the implications of technological advancements is extremely important. We can continue to write informative articles and speculate about the kind of future that lies ahead. 897 more words


Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology



12th Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology
Terasem Island Conference Center, Second Life
Thursday, July 20, 2017
10AM – 1PM PDT / 1PM – 4PM EDT / 6PM – 9PM GMT… 302 more words

Why liberals might kill free speech Jun 23

We’ve got a huge problem on our hands which the 2016 election, along with Brexit, has not so much created as fully exposed. What we’ve witnessed is a kind of short-circuit between the three pillars that have defined our particular form of democratic liberalism over the last century. 8 more words