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The point of having stupid AI

‘The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.’ – Oscar Wilde
We, humans face a similar paradox when it comes to AI and our emotions. 196 more words


Surprising Competence

As things stand I have two days to finish the current draft of the novel. I have one tricky paragraph that needs a re-write and some font issues. 240 more words


We’ll Only Have a Year to Prepare For a Cataclysmic Super-Eruption


Volcanic super-eruptions are bad. Like really bad. Scientists warn of such a potentially civilization-ending catastrophe in our future, but as a new study shows, we’ll only have a year to prepare once the signs of an impending eruption become visible. 7 more words


Medical 3D Printing

A review of medical 3D printing, including 3D printed medical models, dental appliances, hearing aid shells, other prosthesis, and future bioprinting possibilities.

from Ethical Technology… 14 more words


#Game: "Endgame: Singularity" | Become a super AI for a day #robot #scifi #artificialIntelligence #free #openSource

Become a Super Artificial Intelligence, acquire computing power, technology and resources,  colonize distant places. A few hours of gameplay with fairly easy level of difficulty. 23 more words


This Beautiful Demo Shows How Far Video Game Graphics Have Come


This Beautiful Demo Shows How Far Video Game Graphics Have Come



Elon Musk recently explained at Code Conference why he believes we’re all living in a simulation. 404 more words