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Bipolar Disorder Is Like Having Two Serious Illnesses at Once


Most people are casually familiar with bipolar disorder, although few understand the colossal strain it can have on the lives of sufferers and their loved ones. 184 more words


Tempting Under-30's

It dawned, suddenly. The ubiquity of lists of Under 30 mil/billionaires, where they live, etc. All that attention – Why? Jealousy? Maybe, (most) partially that is the lure for attention. 432 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

Nicotine’s Cognitive Benefits – Six Ways to Ingest It


In 1560 the French ambassador in Portugal, Jean Nicot de Villemain, sent newly discovered seeds to the French king. These seeds would grow a plant that we today know as tobacco, or more properly Nicotiana Tabacum (named after the ambassador). 44 more words


Practopoiesis - a Theory on How Life Organizes, including the Mind



A thought results primarily from an adjustment of the brain hardware, and not from a computation executed by that hardware.


(Download open-access manuscript at… 27 more words


International Longevity Day - October 1, 2015


Dear Friends –

There has been emerging a tradition by longevity researchers and activists around the world to organize events dedicated to promotion of longevity research on or around October 1 – the UN International Day of Older Persons. 84 more words


Singularities and Originality

Freedom of speech as defined by dictionary.com is the right to speak without censorship or restraint, to communicate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation. 954 more words

Digital Stroke


Soon, perhaps in less than 50 years, something we’ll call a “digital stroke” will be commonplace around dinner tables. As our consciousness rapidly becomes more reliant on the smart technology we hold so dear, our naturally functioning brains will suffer the consequences. 19 more words