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It’s almost warm I think as the liquid creeps past my lower lip. Like a blanket. Like when I use to hide in the middle of my bed under the covers with only my wide open eyes visible. 54 more words



Life seeps up beneath

We go our whole lives fighting

We go on sinking


Of Words 

Tell me again that this feeling will subside
When the words refuse to sit on the pages
And all I know to do is let the dizzy take me in… 125 more words


Sinking ©

The sinking feeling,

That is hard to describe.

All you can say is you’re ok

Even though you’re falling down,

With no end in sight. 72 more words

Specialist Subsea Services: Time to Deploy the DMA

Our company went into administration today and unfortunately for us, that sinking ship took all onboard down to the gloomy ocean depths with her. Today my career in oil and gas was taken away from me in what is probably the most cut throat of ways. 496 more words

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To the Ends of the Earth, Revisited

Yesterday I finished reading William Golding’s, “To the Ends of the Earth”. My ancient pal Erskine sent it to me and it is a monumental tale, told in monumental language, of a epic sea voyage in the early 1800’s. 943 more words

Gallant Lady Shipwreck

What is it about shipwrecks that draw us to them. Let’s look at the Gallant Lady wreck that rests on the rocks of North Bimini. You look at the rusting hulk of the ship, sitting there helpless against the pounding sea, but something inside you feels uneasy. 248 more words

With Names Ship Wrecks