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Mixture of Thoughts

Felt myself sinking
saw myself drowning
needed a saving hand
but you disappeared
I waited, hopelessly, for someone who would never stop for me
I waited, constantly, even though I knew you’d never notice me. 98 more words

A request

Bail me out of this prison
which I sometimes call a gift.
Bail me out of this prison
on which I depend for my bliss. 46 more words


There is no escape.

There is no escape

and I am the one who has trapped myself here.

I am in too deep, and if I try to crack the shell — 234 more words


A Realization While Diving

I’ve realized something in a lot more depth just recently. Whenever someone I care about is sinking deeper under the waves I will send down an oxygen tank and a long rope and I’ll start to help them back up to the surface. 313 more words

Relentless Protector

Numb's The Word

I come from this place
where everyone sits around,
waiting to die,
probably from liberal politics
in their Taiwanese clothes
over a lunch at Black Angus… 39 more words


May 14, 1915

The sinking of the steamship RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915, caused one of the greatest civilian outrages of the war and the Ashbourne Telegraph was able to bring its readers a first-hand account. 1,243 more words