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I was having a pretty good day.

Weirdly enough I woke up early. Cleared my bed, washed my work clothes, changed my sheets and I felt pretty good and then … I just kind of … fell apart I guess. 155 more words

Life Problems


I’m drunk, drunk in tiredness. Tiredness from all the struggles that we have to go through every single day. And I don’t think it’s just something that I feel. 264 more words

The Lost.

Day 203

The wave caught up to me. Hitting me hard. Knocking me down. Tumbling and tossing me around like a rag doll. Not knowing which way was up. 106 more words

Weekly Reflection


I feel myself sinking into ravenous quicksand

As I frantically cling to your reaching hand

The soft shifting surface slowly swallows me

And my cracking voice cries for help desperately… 65 more words


Keep your head up

I know you don’t mean harm, I’ve already learned my lesson, and right now, I wanna be not okay, I’m so tired, of waiting.
If I hear one more “Just be patient”, i think i’ll go mad. 108 more words



it is moments as these

I am falling further away

felled pile of ruins

my chest caves and my heart unstiches itself

every stretch mark across my womb aches… 43 more words


Sinking Buildings: a curse or consequence?

Dear Reader,

Mexico City could have an entire collection of strange facts and curiosities. Here is one. Sinking buildings are a curious phenomenon occurring in Mexico City affecting mainly Hispanic churches. 295 more words

My Experience In...