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I was sinking. But that’s the thing about drowning: it’s silent. It’s quick. No one can hear you fight for yor life. Just like that, suddenly, you’ve drowned.


3 Things that Will Help Better Your Streamer Game - by Chad Johnson | RIO

Dally’s head guide Chad Johnson put Barry Annalora onto this 30″ White River brown trout, last month

Three tips from our head guide Chad “Mississippi” Johnson to make you a better streamer fisher over on the RIO Products blog. 50 more words


Apple Float or Sink?

Fall is a fun time to play with apples and go apple picking.   If you have a few extra apples laying around, here’s a great investigation for the tiny tots in your home to investigate whether apples sink or float when placed in water. 264 more words

Kitchen Chemistry

A good sinking ship movie?

What’s the first film that you associate with a sinking ship? I reckon the majority would say Titanic (1997)

But what about A Perfect Storm (2000),  Das Boot (1981) or even Poseidon (2006), but those are mine. 32 more words

The sea is alive and his voice lulls my heart to sleep. He draws me in; I wade deeper and deeper, knowing that each step could be my end. 27 more words


Titanic's last menu fetches $88,000 at auction in New York

A first class menu from Titanic’s last meal has sold for $88,000 in a new York auction yesterday – easily beating the pre-auction estimate of 70,000 estimate by Lion Heart Autographs in their sale catalogue. 472 more words


Trapped and Sinking

Written in response to the poem below by @caveofthoughts on Twitter: