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Coming Up to Breathe

Growing up I swam alot and I loved being in the pool but I would always get splashed alot I hated being splashed because I have a slow reaction time and I always choke when I get splashed in the face. 181 more words

Peter Walks On Water


If I cut  myself
Will that make me better?
A puff of smoke in the air.
A liquid to excite me.
Sound to make me feel. 34 more words


Floating & Sinking

This week in school, I had the opportunity to teach the concept of floating and sinking to my year 2 and 3 composite groups. This activity followed hot on the heels of last week’s university lecture about… 494 more words


"several thousand feet above sea" by Julia at her desk

Wednesday March 22, 2017
5 minutes
Traveling Mercies
Anne Lamott

I have lived on the edge separating peace and prayer
the whole ship sank but failed to go under… 82 more words

Paintless Dent Removal

You know that sinking feeling when you arrive back to your car from a trip to the shops and there s a dirty-great dent in the door that wasn t there before? 42 more words

Into The Lake

One late November night in 1970, my mom, sister and me were heading downtown to the Dayton’s 8th floor Christmas display and dinner at Nanking. I was 14, my sister Kellie was 7. 863 more words


Learn all about Sinking and floating. 

Children learn best through play activities and they LOVE playing with water so here is a programme on sinking and floating plus some fun with number seven, the letter Bb and the colour blue. 20 more words