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Russian - British Fall-Out And Double Standards And Double Agents

In the recent case of poisoning of the Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, in England, the media and the British government have rushed to point the finger of blame at Russia. 421 more words


A way to stop the return of a post #brexit #border across Ireland, make the North a UK Special Economic Zone

Tom Hayes and I have just published a document entitled: NI Special Economic Zone Proposal outlining our ‘modest proposal’ for how the U.K. government can still avoid having its pursual of the worst possible Brexit policy causing a return of the border across Ireland. 402 more words


The Peoples' Republic of Podjistan: the Irish border no one considers   

Nestled in rural Northern Ireland lies a little-known nation, and a little-known emperor. The Self-proclaimed “Benevolent Dictator”, Simon Stewart.  

He has ruled over Podjistan since 2010, when he declared his family home the Peoples’ Palace, and his family (then partner, and son and daughter) citizens of the new nation.   308 more words

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#OTD in 1918 – Chairman of the Irish Parliamentary Party, John Redmond dies of heart failure, in Co Wexford.

‘As a Nationalist, I do not regard as entirely palatable the idea that forever and a day Ireland’s voice should be excluded from the councils of an empire which the genius and valour of her sons have done so much to build up and of which she is to remain.’ –John Redmond… 390 more words

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#OTD in 1918 - County Clare is subject to martial law. 

This state has been brought about by new military orders issued in response to agrarian, political and social unrest – instances include cattle driving, land seizures, shooting affrays and the raiding of houses for arms. 350 more words

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Sinn Féin, Brexit and the Oath of Allegiance

The abstentionist policy of Sinn Féin in respect of their seats in the Westminster parliament has been thrown into the spotlight by the narrow majority held there by Theresa May’s Government, particularly as that majority depends for its existence on her deal with the Democratic Unionist Party. 437 more words

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