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Dithering At A Crossroads: A Look At The Pro Repeal Yet Anti Choice Sinn Féin

Following her much debated piece last year, Rachel Watters looks at SF’s positions on Repeal and Choice ahead of next year’s referendum on the 8th. 1,636 more words

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Socialist Strategy - reply to a critic 2

The second point I want to respond to in the response to my initial posts is what Socialist Democracy have to say about the nature of Sinn Fein (SF), which in my view is once again confused. 2,135 more words

Northern Ireland

The Cause of Labour

On Saturday I ventured west to An Cultúrlann for an important, interesting and timely discussion on the impact of Brexit on Labour, Trade Unions and workers rights. 672 more words

A Sinn Féin Programme for Catalan Independence

1. Nationalist leaders must speak more in Spanish; despite their best efforts it’s still the majority language here. People who speak Catalan with their families don’t need to be persuaded by them, Spanish speakers do. 631 more words


Witnessing the Catalan referendum firsthand

Below is an account of the visit by an international parliamentary delegation of 33 elected representatives and a number of their advisors to Catalonia, hosted by DiploCat, during the Catalan referendum. 5,255 more words


Budget 2018 and rural Ireland

 Here at Beyond the pale we’ve taken a look at what budget 2018 will likely mean for rural communities, what is been given in the budget and more importantly what is not. 835 more words


#OTD in 2007 – Death of life-long republican and patron of Republican Sinn Féin, Dan Keating.

Soldier, rest! thy warfare o’er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking:
Dream of battled fields no more,
Days of danger, nights of waking.
In our isle’s enchanted hall, 546 more words

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