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Video games in the age of Steam

I’ve been playing games for years.I remember back to the Atari 2600 and the amazing world of Space Invaders, Centipede, Air Sea Battle… 659 more words


Games Night: Sins Of A Solar Empire

It was games night last night! On a very rare occasion we get the majority of the DM crew online to play for a few hours so i thought times like these should be documented for future generations to behold. 318 more words


Steam Summer Sale Deals for 19th June 2014

The steam summer sale has officially started with some amazing deals for the 19th of June.

Here are the daily deals:

Don’t Starve: £2.74, $3.74… 50 more words

Gaming News

Switch Up - Battletech to SotSE

Some conflicts arose and Battletech didn’t happen last night.  So, Sins of a Solar Empire did!

461 more words

Video Games

Video Game Round Up and Battletech tonight!

I have updates for two video games I’ve been playing over the last week, as well as a preview of Battletech tonight. 580 more words


Back into Sins of a Solar Empire

A few nights ago, while looking for my CD copy of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, I came across my copy of Sins of the Solar Empire: Trinity.   206 more words

Video Games

Stardock Discounts Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion In Fear Of Civilization: Beyond Earth Reveal

Sid Meier is making a new game, Civilization: Beyond Earth. Boom, news done.

No, but seriously, this extraterrestrial approach to the Civilization franchise will finally give fans a nod towards Alpha Centauri, after all these years. 163 more words