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Monday eXcursion: Northgard

As I finished my first game of Northgard, I was grinning from ear to ear. It is one of those games where the mechanics, theme, and overall experience just clicked with me. 2,757 more words

Strategy Game

The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

It shouldn’t have sounded like “The Sins of Solar Empire” originally. Especially because the Sins are nice example how games should be made – proving that they can be successful even without anti-piracy protection. 1,395 more words


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Alternatives

Coming off the heels of Star Wars The last Jedi theatrical release I as many other gamers are sure to be carrying an itch to play a Star Wars game. 924 more words

My Visit To Stardock Studios '17

It was mid-October when I pulled up to an unassuming two story, suburban office building, not entirely sure what to expect. Today was the day for eXplorminate to venture into “meatspace.” Thanks to a series of fortunate coincidences, I had the distinct pleasure of paying… 3,865 more words


Nate Asked - Day 2

Greetings and Salutations eXplorminators, here is part two of the series. Enjoy


Why talk about the games I’m not playing? I guess it says as much about the state of gaming today as those that I do put time into. 2,042 more words


Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Sometimes, the timing of a video game release impacts the success of a game as much as the quality of the final product. Dawn of Andromeda… 4,396 more words


The XX Show #8 - 4X Problems?

Join Nate and Troy as they discuss the state of 4X in 2017 as well as the community sentiment. Is there something wrong in 4X? Have we become overly critical? 39 more words