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Ode to a Neti Pot

There aren’t many things in life that can bring you such immense comfort for relatively little money as a Neti Pot. When I’m feeling really, really sick, it’s often the only thing that brings me any type of relief. 221 more words


SoCS: All I need is...

I have been under the weather this whole week, what with my sinus infection causing a havoc and spoiling a whole week for me. That is the reason I have been taking a little slow with WP too. 123 more words


Neti What?!

It’s amazing how you can know something, or do something, that you think is unusual, but suddenly discover that “everyone” is doing it.

Yep, it’s true. 412 more words


Recovery from a Sinus operation

On 1 February, I had my endoscopic sinus operation at Damansara Specialist Hospital. I’m deathly scared of going under General Anesthesia (hello, have you watched the horror movie AWAKE??? 566 more words


An adventure seasoned with a hint of hypochondria

Ah dear friends. I am once more in harness and preparing to leave the country on a madcap adventure. This time, we are camel trekking in the Sahara. 493 more words

It finally caught up.

When I was in the city, I chronically suffered from sinusitis.

I knew, after my initial diagnosis back when I was 17, how to handle it.It didn’t make things easier.But pretty much, about every quarter, I would get stuck with almost a sinus migraine. 97 more words


Saptanga Guggulu – Excellent Herbal Remedy for Sinus, Fistula, Chronic Ulcers, Piles

Saptanga Guggulu:

गुग्गुलुत्रिफलाव्योषैः समांशैराज्ययोजितैः।

अक्षप्रमाणां गुटिकां खादेदेकामतन्द्रितः॥

नाडीं दुष्टव्रणं शूलमुदावर्त्तं भगन्दरम्।

गुल्मञ्च गुदजान्हन्यात्पक्षिराट् पन्नगानिव॥ {भा.प्र.म.ख.४१/३०-३१}

Saptanga Guggulu is a useful Ayurveda herbal remedy which undoubtedly cures difficult and chronic conditions like… 282 more words