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एक धगधगती सीमा रेषा "सर क्रीक"

आणखी एक धगधगती सीमा रेषा “सर क्रीक” हरामी नाला

आज आपण ६८ वा स्वातंत्र्यदीन साजरा करतो आहे या आपण स्वत:ला सुरक्षित आणि स्वतंत्र समजतो कारण आपल्या सीमेच्या रक्षणाची जबाबदारी हि आपल्या जवानांवर आहे पण असे असलेतरी आपल्या ह्या सुजलाम सफलाम अश्या भारताचा सीमेचा काही भाग हा खुप प्रतिकूल आणि काटेरी आहे.


Two disasters that defined India's south-west border with Pakistan for ever

India faces a long western border with Pakistan, which was created by bifurcating the sub-continent in 1947. However, even from earlier times, the southern part of this border did exist, though not between two sovereign states but either between two vassal states under British suzerainty or between lands directly controlled by British and a vassal state. 1,385 more words


Time for Nawaz Sharif to Put Up or Shut Up

My last post argued that the Indian government should ignore the influential voices urging it to stiff-arm efforts by new Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to restart the bilateral détente process.  771 more words

India-Pakistan Relations

Relevance of Sir Creek

India and Pakistan share an international boundary stretching over 3000 Km length. Most of this border is well defined, except for Kashmir and a small part of the border, where it joins the Arabian sea. 1,532 more words


Kashmir isn't the ONLY one. . . !

The British India.
Being divided in two.
States being asked which country they’ll like to be a part of.
The state of Hyderabad Deccan. 2,439 more words

Exit Poll of Central Gujarat.

As per the Exit Poll prediction GPP is proving beneficial for Congress in Saurashtra but in Central Gujarat it seems it will proved boon for BJP as against GPP OBC has garnered votes to BJP party

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Voters thronged early morning at booths, 68% voting recorded in Rajkot

In Rajkot early in the morning voters in bee queue were seen to vote for first phase. Till evening 68% polling was recorded in Rajkot. In Morbi 75%, Tanker 60%, Vankaner 71%, Jasdan 77%, Gondal 75%, Jetpur 73% polling was recorded.

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