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Professor Ruth Blakeley: Chilcot report & Rendition

The Chilcot report was published on 6th July by ex-civil servant Sir John Chilcot with the report looked into the origins, conduct and aftermath of the Iraq war – all 2.6 million words of it!! 74 more words

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Tony Blair could face Iraq contempt vote in Commons

A group of senior MPs is calling for a vote to decide whether Tony Blair is guilty of contempt of Parliament over his decision to invade Iraq in 2003. 517 more words

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Murder By Numbers, 2016: 6,000 Page Report Finds Tony Blair 'Racing Up High-Score Table'!

Seven years and 2.6m words later, the #IraqInquiry – chaired by Sir John Chilcot – is published, but key questions about the war remain #edu…

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No Justice For White Men

Let’s face the facts, Tony Blair is a murdered with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. He lied to the British public and dragged them unwillingly into a war which has  completely destabilised the Middle-East, and lead to the deaths and displacement of millions.

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Reviewing Tony Blair

Tony Blair returns to centre stage. His conduct over the war in Iraq is coldly and unequivocally criticised by Sir John Chilcot as he summarised his long-awaited review earlier this week… 777 more words

Blair: a “War Criminal"

Back in 2003, Tony Blair (Prime Minister of United Kingdom) had plenty of time to back out of possible invasion of Iraq. He had advisers warning him of the consequences that Iraq would have after a potential war. 476 more words


Chilcot report: The Iraq Inquiry

Statement by Sir John Chilcot: 6 July 2016

We were appointed to consider the UK’s policy on Iraq from 2001 to 2009, and to identify lessons for the future. 3,006 more words