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Off to Bournemouth via Ipswich

Last Monday I covered some mileage, firstly attending a Conservative group meeting at Suffolk County Council about strategies to deal with the budget gap, then off to Bournemouth for the LGA Conference. 292 more words

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A bit of a do at the LGA

Last Wednesday evening I popped along from a meeting in London to the drinks reception at Local Government House for Sir Merrick Cockell, it’s Chairman’s, retirement. 457 more words

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All Councils are equal but some are more equal than others

Last Thursday Local Government watched and pondered what fresh challenge George Osborne was going to put to us in his autumn statement. As it was, much of what has been said to government by various Local Government figures not least Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman of the LGA that Councils that as a sector are, over the next 4 years, starting to reach the end of the level of savings it can make without having to look at front line services; this seems to be beginning to be accepted in government circles, which is probably the reasons why on balance local government was broadly left alone and not subject to the further cuts announced. 347 more words

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George Osborne’s budget surplus: paid for by local government

Chris Game

In his party conference speech on Monday, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that a Conservative Government would seek, by the end of the 2015-20 Parliament, to have eliminated completely the roughly £120 billion national deficit and be running a budget surplus. 942 more words

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Exclusive: Interview with Sir Merrick Cockell, Local Gov Assoc chair #lgaconf13 @LGAcomms

In an exclusive interview with Manchester Climate Monthly, Sir Merrick Cockell [@Sir_MRC] expressed his desire to see real debate about the future scope of local government happening not only in Council chambers but also further afield. 805 more words

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Tories face revolt in the heartlands over council budget axe | UK news | The Observer

Senior Tories in the shires are in open revolt ahead of the May council elections after George Osborne paved the way for further punishing cuts that are likely to lead to the closure of more local libraries, parks and leisure centres.

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LGA chairman visits Surrey to hear about one team approach

Leader David Hodge outlined Surrey County Council’s new agenda to get everyone working together as one team for the benefit of the county at a briefing for Local Government Association (LGA) chairman Sir Merrick Cockell. 148 more words

Surrey County Council