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October 31 in history

475  Romulus Augustulus was proclaimed Western Roman Emperor.

1517  Protestant Reformation: Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. 757 more words


Book: Mortal Engines

As Sir Peter Jackson is in post production for the film version I needed to read this book ASAP. And what a wonderful yarn it is. 142 more words


Concerning Hobbits

Lou had been determined to see Hobbiton in the dry and so we had come north quickly to ensure our day there would be before the scheduled wet weather forecast. 342 more words

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North Island again–Wellington, Rotarua and Tree Running

Wellington lived up to its nickname of the Windy City. Whilst the campsite we used just out of town was well sheltered (but as a DOC and v low cost, was inhabited with a bunch of German lads drunkenly, loudly and increasingly desperately trying to pull some traveller girls camped there too until 0230hrs…), Wellington requires you to lean in to the wind. 420 more words

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The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

Whilst I like writing the blog, you will have noticed that we publish in blocks of time, generally with a significant change in scenery being a driver for a new post. 615 more words

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