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Going home

I’m heading home soon for a visit and am so excited I can hardly stand it. As the trip draws nearer, I have caught myself wishing, “Couldn’t we just leave right now?” 532 more words

Flourishing Tree

On this day in 1584 - Sir Walter Raleigh granted a charter to colonise North America

Sir Walter Raleigh was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I to colonise an area of North America. The charter specified that a colony was to be established or Raleigh would lose his rights to colonisation. 246 more words

Tudor Chronicles

Cursing Sir Walter Raleigh

It’s 5:00 am Eastern Standard.  I haven’t slept all night.  Staring unblinking at the monitor seems to be the order of the day for the past several days. 44 more words


Interview in Roanoke Time

Who always thought Roanoke was a lost colony founded by an expedition headed by Sir Walter Raleigh on a charter for the colonization of the area granted by Queen Elizabeth I? 95 more words

North Carolina was Gamecock Country

It was said Sir Walter Raleigh was a well-esteemed cocker (one who fights gamecocks).  And Andrew Jackson was described by a contemporary resident of Salisbury as: … 532 more words

The Duality of Sir Walter Raleigh and His Times

I am about halfway through a biography of Sir Walter Raleigh entitled, Sir Walter Raleigh: Being a True and Vivid Account of the Life and Times of the Explorer, Soldier, Scholar, Poet, and Courtier–The Controversial Hero of the Elizabethian Age… 1,301 more words

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Nine: Potato

Humble earth apple, our first American import and Raleigh’s treasure, court presented root booty, given to a virgin queen from a virgin land. Pocahontas’ Peruvian peelers. 113 more words