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Snuff: High Society's Choice

Snuff, high society’s choice of tobacco inhalation, first appeared in England in the middle of the Sixteenth Century, along with tobacco imports from America.  Sir Walter Raleigh is usually supposed to have been the first to bring it home to the court of Queen Elizabeth 1, but Leonard Bolingbroke, of the Norwich Science Gossip Club, reckons that  it was more probably Ralph Lane (a lesser- known English explorer of the same period) in 1586. 474 more words

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The Middle Ground Between Marlowe's Shepherd and Raleigh's Nymph

For some reason in the past few weeks and months I’ve been revisiting love poems, from  Classical through the Renaissance.  Perhaps I’m feeling my second childhood, although I don’t remember the end of the first.  1,324 more words

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Themed Composition

The size of my original selection was not much of an issue but attempting to adjust the edges due to reflections of light became a challenge. 43 more words


History Senryū 29 Oct 2015

Lost a Colony

Then lost favor with the Crown

Finally lost his head


"Raleigh and Spenser, 1580," by F L Light

A Shakespearean proficiency in meter and rhetoric may to F L Light be ascribed. Nearly forty of his dramas are now available on Amazon, and twenty have been produced for Audible. 581 more words

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