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Elizabeth:The Golden Age

‘We must act!’ 

Elizabeth: The Golden Age is the sequel to the first Elizabeth film, and it is about the threat of the rule of Queen Elizabeth I (Cate Blanchett) and the relationship between her and Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen) as he develops a relationship with her favourite, Elizabeth, otherwise known as Bess (Abbie Cornish) as she uncovers the treason plot involving Mary Stuart. 626 more words

Act 2, Scene 23 - "A cocksure swaggerer."

Notes on No Legacy is So Rich as Honesty Part Two

Shakespeare and Sir Walter Raleigh continue their discussion of fact and fiction in this week’s cartoon. 91 more words

Act 2, Scene 22 - "That really cool thing he did one time."

Notes on No Legacy Is so Rich as Honesty Part One

Will’s old friend Sir Walter Raleigh is back this week, to regale us with the story of that really cool thing he did one time (I’d say stop him if you’ve heard it, but he’ll carry on anyway…) 91 more words

Manteo, Raleigh, and the politics of the Lost Colony

Wednesday Rebekah and I woke up on the Outer Banks, worked our way slowly back home, via Manteo, then went to sleep in our own beds here in Wake Forest. 574 more words