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5 Questions You Might Have About Channeling

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The basic philosophy that underlies channeling and the ‘new age’ community is that there are higher, spiritually refined planes of existence beyond the physical earth. 2,412 more words

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The Sirian High Command via Wendy Kennedy - Affirmation and Meditation for the New Year - 1-12-15

Wendy Kennedy

This year I sat down and asked my celestial friends for an affirmation/meditation for everyone for the new year.

Most of the time when I ask for meditations or visualization, my friends in The Sirian High Command step up to help me out, and this time was no exception.   503 more words


Aliens to Research

In my quest to make this sci-f setting work within the constraints of New Age/Ancient Alien mythos I will need to do quite a bit of research. 99 more words


Encounters in Dreamland: The Trickster in July

When the dream started I was in what looked like a classroom or theater with stadium seating. At the front of this “theater” there was a screen. 699 more words

Encounters In Dreamland

Halls Of Amenti Portal - Sirian High Council - Channeler Anna Merkaba - 11-10-14

 Gaia’s entrance into the photonic belt of light, has brought the advancement of mankinds civilization. And as such, interdisciplinary motions from the intergalactic committee, to take action in finding the resolution to common issues of representation of human beings who dwell on GAIA, and their entrance into the Halls of Amenti has been put into effect. 838 more words


University Collective Consciousness of Sirius via Natalie Glasson - Resonating in Alignment with the Creator - 10-24-14

University Collective Consciousness of Sirius: Resonating in Alignment with the Creator,

channeled by Natalie Glasson, October 24, 2014, http://www.omna.org

You are connected to every being upon the Earth and the inner planes. 1,789 more words


Sirians - Brown Skinned Race

These ET’s are a very ancient race from the Sirius Star System. These star people are the ancestors of First Nations people, and they look just like humans, but they are 7-9 feet tall and they have different organs and are extremely high frequency, benovolent and have very advanced technology that does not harm their planet. 622 more words