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U25 Manrico Montero "Sisal" : a multilevel listening experience speaking to the heart & mind...

Richard Allen analyzes sensitively how Sisal ends up becoming a remarkable experience…

Manrico Montero ~ Sisal

Sisal is a harbor-based field recording that acts on at least three levels: as a reflection of real-life sounds, as a window into the community, and as an early requiem for a changing area.   394 more words

Richard Allen

Designer Trilled and So Are We

Another happy client sent this comment and photos from his installation today: “The rugs look fantastic !!! The bedroom is totally transformed by the almost wall-to-wall installation. 54 more words

Animal Print

U25 Manrico Montero "Sisal" : vivid audio-trip...

Frans de Waard makes a rewarding aural travel to Sisal, relishing its palette…

DIY Cat Tree, House and Scratching Post

I was given a great spool. You know the giant spools electricians carry massive amounts of wire wrapped around? Well I was given one, and not gonna lie, the array of ideas that invaded my head of all the things I could do with said spool. 786 more words

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Back in Milan!

I love it here, love the people, the city and of course the food. My favorite places for now are Trattoria Della Pesa and Torre di Pisa. 564 more words


Africa’s Biggest Sisal Producer Mull Moves Into Kenya

REA Trading Ltd., the biggest investor in Africa’s largest sisal producer, is considering expanding into the energy industry.

The company, which is buying out the rest of REA Vipingo Plantations Ltd., plans to use waste from sisal to make methane that can generate electricity. 161 more words