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Panties at work!

Hello gurls!

So I have mentioned earlier too that I like to wear panties under my work clothes and feel sexy all day!

I am wearing full lace pink panties today, but it is very different today as it was because my wife wanted me to wear it. 56 more words


#12 Sissy Writing - If You're Thinking About Giving Up On Your Sissification

It happened 2 years ago. I don’t remember the reason for creating a tumblr account but I remember the countless hours I spent; amassing and reblogging sissy photos, shemale porn, sissy captions and hypnos. 352 more words


#9 - Amateur - Allison Lace: Sissy Faggot Fuckhole

I love finding a new sissy faggot on the internet. Every I find a new video or blog of a sissy who is just enjoying being herself, posting videos and pics and having a good time, it makes me so happy. 96 more words


#6 Sissy Writing - Resistance is Futile

Almost every day starts the same way for you, doesn’t it?

You wake up and tell yourself, “no porn today. No fantasizing about men and cocks and cum. 341 more words


#4 Sissy Writing - Psychology of Sissy Faggots

This is a post I made on my old blog (Mandatory Feminization). It has been received positively by many who say that this is by far the most accurate description of their journey to sissification. 1,467 more words


Sissy Bondage Task

Hello Gurls!

So how have you been doing? I sometimes get an urge to get bound and controlled but unfortunately there is no one to do that for me, so I end up tying up myself. 346 more words


Sissy Bitch

Mr. X is a closet sissy.  He is of completely average appearance and easily overlooked in a crowd.  At around 175cm, with a thin build and dark brown hair, he could easily pass as the uptight school principal when dressed in his professional attire. 665 more words