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Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?

Sometimes the only thing that a “man” can do is get into his very prettiest of panties, throw on something lacy and maybe just a teeny bit slutty and get down on his knees for the sexiest blonde with the nicest dick. 192 more words


Soon to come! NINA

My latest short story will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Nobel, KOBO, PDF and others. I will up date release date.

Grandma Is Too Taboo

So you can sissify a straight man and kick him to the alley and watch him get gangraped by twelve of your BBC friends and that’s pretty cool. 235 more words

Forced Feminization

I Hate My Step-Brother

He’s such an asshole, always picking on me, punching me in the arm when my Mom isn’t looking.  He’s such a liar too, like the other day when he told her that I was staring at him in the shower and she actually believed him.   142 more words

Alpha Male

Grandma Gives Me Wood

She’s a looker and more importantly, she’s looking at you.  She’s so sexy that it hurts and she’s old enough to know exactly what she’s doing.   305 more words

Forced Feminization

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs a Dick

You know how it is ladies, when you have that “not fresh” feeling?  You know, because you just banged about ten guys, or was it eleven?   235 more words


Secret Cocksucker

I finally had the nerve to go through with it.  All those times that I’ve looked at the ads on Craigslist and wondered if I should answer, I’ve been fantasizing about it for so long but I always talked myself out of it at the very last minute. 83 more words

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