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Sissies and slutboys and gimps are after Landmine

The following post was inspired in part by Tall, Dark and Dominant here. In his post, he is curious about the inner workings of the male submissive’s mindset. 832 more words

The Fires Of BDSM (NSFW)

YO! SISSY – The Queer Music Festival of Berlin

Aerea Negrot, photo by  Michael Mann
What happens, when a pair of big nightlife makers of Berlin get together and create something new: Exactly, something bigger! 31 more words

Anna's New Shoes

Good day to you all!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend – I know I am and I want to tell you why. The best charity shop find ever happened yesterday, I found a pair of size 11 heels which reach a staggering height of 6.5 inches. 204 more words


5000 Miles

There’s a little girl called Sissy who lives about 5,000 miles away from me.

Right now, while I type these words and sip my coffee…she is halfway through her day in Bulgaria.   814 more words


All Vacation-y and Stuff

I realize I was vague in my post about conflict and how The Mister and his ex deal with it, but I promise you, the conflict had nothing to do directly with either of them, and no I won’t share details, because on this blog, you will never read about the big things that impact my life in a negative way, because this blog is about anxious me reporting the good stuff, finding gratitude in the small things, bouncing back, moving forward with… 687 more words

If you want something visual (but not too abysmal)

Hello there!

After my very wordy last couple of posts I thought I’d share some pics from the weekend. I managed an evening and morning session which is always fun and also played about with a new photo editing app for some ‘post production’. 172 more words