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Some facts about large cock males.

The average erect penis is a little more than 5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. Specifically, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found the average American man’s penis is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect and 4.8 inches in circumference. 304 more words


My husband is a cock slut.

I married my husband twelve years ago. Shortly after “around a year” later he told me that he had been a cross dresser on and off through out his life. 452 more words


Be carful what you fantasize about.

My wife Deborah of seven years and I wanted to spice things up in our life a bit. Deb being 48 years old and me, Christopher being 32 years old. 1,481 more words


Shower Times part 1

When I took babygirl by the hand and pulled her out of bed telling her to come take a shower with me, I knew it wouldn’t just be a shower. 317 more words

Submissive Man

How to become a Sissy

I actually am frequently asked about sissy training, which is one of my preferred kinks–forced feminization. Just for many who are unaware, a sissy is a person (usually a man) who adopts feminine-like behavior to the extreme, and takes part in the usual ‘feminine’ activities, often within the context of BDSM. 711 more words

Slut Slagsamantha

I really didn’t think it through when I was talking to the dom guy online.

He seemed nice and friendly and he said he loved the pictures of me in my maid’s uniform. 164 more words

Summer of femiminity

This summer has been a summer of more discovery of how much i love being my ladys bitch and how much i love putting makeup on, and get it my girly clothes. 556 more words