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Creating a femme curve by tucking

So what exactly is tucking?

Tucking is a practice, well-known in both trans and drag circles, of putting one’s penis between and behind one’s legs, so that it’s not visible from the front of the body.

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Exposed during a visit to the clinic.

I had a doctor’s appointment for a twisted ankle in which I tore some ligaments. When I arrived they told me my doctor had to leave for an emergency but one of his assistance would look at me.  817 more words


Roleplay session feedback

On Thursday 18th August Mistress kindly offered a roleplay.

The roleplay as a whole cast Mistress as the founder and focal point of a slut training school with the sissy slut as the first real time student. 239 more words

Sissy Training

Developing a feminine voice

Vocal quality

Vocal quality also is an important component of a feminine voice. Many transwomen try to be breathy, giving their voice a ‘soft’ quality. This is relatively easy to do, but be sure not to be too breathy, which can sound unnatural or make it hard to be loud when you need to be.

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How to be a true Sissy maid

Wanting domestic service.

Wanting to be a “sissy maid” – 24/7/365.

French maid is famous for sexy role playing, fetishism & spicing things up in the bed.

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Buying make up as a crossdresser

I figured the best time to do it, is to buy your make up  before the store closes, so that way it will be dead, and do it on a monday or tuesday. 329 more words


Shopping hints for a first time crossdresser

Being a crossdresser can present some particular challenges when shopping for female clothes, particularly when first starting out.

It can be daunting, you have no idea which shop will allow a male to look through the clothes without being verbally challenged or given dirty looks.

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