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JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposed as a sissy faggot wearing just a bra and panty

I have always had fatty layers under my breasts but I have been taking phytoestrogen supplements and using progesterone cream at night on my chest and now I have noticeable formed tissue on top of my fatty layers giving me a noticeable shape to my breasts.  298 more words

Let's Start at Very Begining

It’s a very good place to start! :)

So a little about me, and why I am starting this major change in my life.

I have had a pituitary tumor (a prolactinoma, to be more specific) probably since puberty. 599 more words

Motorcycle Sissy T Bar Bag Leather Travel Luggage Bags

Made of top quality Premium Cowhide leather, this two part bag is built to last, with reinforced stitching, heavy-duty nylon straps, and heavy-duty zippers. This will fit on any type of bike due to the many straps with Q-release provided. 77 more words

Cobra Square Sissy Bar - Short 14

Cobra Square Sissy Bar Able to add comfort and safety for passengers and assist in carrying luggage too, a sissy bar gives versatility to your cruiser. 74 more words

A monday morning post

So it’s Monday or to some people it’s moanday. I’m awake way before I need to be. So here I am to add a little thought to the day. 93 more words


Sissy slut

Look at you now

You used to be a man

Now you’re a little sissy slut

Everyone knows

You once stood proud

Now you kneel and submit… 170 more words