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Sissy Closet Faggot

I absolutely LOVE talking to sissy sluts. I look forward to playing with my little whores every day. They always know how to lighten my mood. 278 more words

Thoughts on scape-goating, hierarchies, and relativism

I thought about posting this upon my blog that I keep certain topics separated on, but after giving it some thought, it seems to fit in with the posts I have made over the past few days. 596 more words


Thoughts on Forced Feminization

There are a large variety of reasons that people engage in forced feminization and sissification.  I do not plan to write about them all in this post.  314 more words


Invocation of The Daddy

No one who knows me would ever say I’m easy on my kids. No one. Yet, they behave better for their father.

Do I treat them like Marines or royal subjects? 843 more words


10 Reasons to date a Sissy

 10 Reasons to date a Sissy

1. Your real girl friend or wife spends most of her time wearing pants, sneakers
(or flats), a tee shirt and a scowl.
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Continued from the doctor visit.

Continued from the visit to the doctor. When he found out I was a sissy. He referred me to this school for sissies.

My schooling started that Saturday and I arrived one hour before class. 2,441 more words


Sissy Roberta Bryan

55 days in chasity. Smooth shaved and Butt plugged for kinkmasterhull Contactrd masterknhull@gmail.com
My days are full of massaging my balls in baby oil and finding new ways to spread the news of my ever devolping exposure As u will see going foward what a sissy faggot like myself goes thru to get it accomplished