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How I ended up a Transsexual.

You start out as a so called normal boy buy you are far from that. You enjoy playing with you cock and jacking off. Looking at sexy females on the internet makes your cock become rock hard and your now masturbating daily. 2,256 more words


My Twisted new TG novel, available NOW!

There are two kinds of books I write. Romances, where a boy becomes a girl, and uses the opportunity to express his feelings for his straight male friends. 211 more words

Lisa Change

Adventures of Max and Alex

When I was 17, I met this girl. When people see us immediately I’m the BI (Bad Influence) because she has dopey eyes while I look like I’m always up to no-good. 495 more words


My Secret Shame

I was readin vanbytheriver last night, which was a fun little read about birds and love. It struck me as funny-odd that she didn’t know the birds in question were mourning doves, but then I had to mention in a family of birders, I never had the opportunity to not know which birds were which. 846 more words


Why are 'sissies' losing out to tomboys?

I’ve had so many lovely messages from the Mumsnet TERF Mafia over the past couple of days – I really have! Naturally, modesty prevents me from publishing most of them. 956 more words


Wife's Sissy Cuck

I have cross dressed since a young age. I am currently involved with a woman I want to marry. She however is content at how things are now. 1,894 more words


Coming Out as a Sissy cuckold

Coming Out as a Sissy cuckold I am.

“Sweetie come down here, the girls want to meet you.”

Those words from my wife made me feel sick to my stomach, for a moment I was frozen sitting on the edge of the bed. 1,577 more words