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It seems like everyone is so happy these days. And I’m just over in the corner like hey guys don’t mind me I’m just chillin. Their either more active, more excited, more romantic, more happy then I ever feel. 276 more words


Co-ed Bachelor Party

Christie’s friend Allison invited her to a “co-ed bachelor party” last weekend, and Christie brought me as her date.  Allison’s brother was getting married, and most of their family lives on the east coast, so Allison took on the role of “best man.”  It was a small group, just six couples – Allison and her brother, another couple I didn’t know, and Christie and I.  1,613 more words


What the Holy Ghost Knows About Uncle Pete's Cats

My Uncle, let’s call him Pete, once said to my mom, “The Holy Ghost told me Julie was the one dropping off those stray cats at my house.” His bushy eyebrow raised as he waited for her to confess the truth. 482 more words


Sissy. Ein Mädchen wird Kaiserin by Marieluise von Ingenheim

Sissy. Ein Mädchen wird Kaiserin
Marieluise von Ingenheim
(cover art by Michael Pleesz)
Tosa Verlag
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Synopsis (English translation below)*

Ein Roman aus der vergangenen österreichischen Monarchie. 504 more words


Paradise- The Maids

Starchily poised and obedient in every way my maids are pristine and polished to perfection. I dress them up when I’m bored. I require them to adhere to certain etiquette, like curtsying and speaking in unison whenever possible. 502 more words