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Stuff I Know

The Mister and I have this crazy idea that the goal of rearing children is to create productive adult citizens who help make the world a better place. 1,227 more words


Someone recently, upon seeing my sister and I together, commented that we look nothing alike. It reminded me of this post I wrote last year about my sissy, so I thought I’d repost it for those of you who didn’t read it then. 622 more words


Dimmer. Dimmer Still.

After commenting on Dan’s post at No Facilities today, he reminded me I’ve mentioned the battle of the lights over here at my house. I’ve alluded to it, but never written about it. 796 more words

The Mister

A ladies night out.

I mean real ladies, not girlies like Alice. I often go out in town (that London colloquial for the centre of London) with my female friends without Alice. 310 more words


Annual Tracey Family Bar Crawls

I come from an amazing family. We’re loud, tons of fun and love to party. We enjoy traditions, and tons of traditions at that. I can rattle off quite a few but one of my favorites has to be my family’s annual bar crawl. 911 more words

Lover Of Life

miss kenley jude

i was honored to photograph the arrival of this sweet baby girl last weekend. hudson is sure in love with his sissy. cassandra & cory thank you for the opportunity to share these sweet moments with you

The sissy life

Years ago when I found my love of panties it was all about the female scent left behind on them. I never even thought about wearing them, that was for other guys not me. 798 more words

Male Submission