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Hired party sissy.

I was very horny and when I get horny I get eagerly submissive. I went to the video booths of the adult bookstore, quickly stripped off my outer clothes and stood in a booth wearing nothing but a corset and tiny string bikini panties with black stockings. 1,816 more words


Chastity With Mistress Natalie

I love having the power to decide if and when you nut. Don’t even think about trying to bust one until I say so, motherfucker! I’m the boss now, bitch boy, and what I say goes. 229 more words

Panty Boy Slave

You have been a VERY bad boy, haven’t you?

I can’t believe I caught you going through my dresser drawer, digging for a pair of my panties. 281 more words

Does she know?

My girlfriend had pratically moved in now and sex was happening a lot with her. Out of the blue she started playing with my butt hole during sex and then  fingering my hole. 1,147 more words

Cross Dressing

How the internet opened up a whole new world

Once we got the internet and I  discovered chatrooms, I thought why not try gay chat rooms and see if I could meet up with someone. 1,106 more words

Cross Dressing

Cuckold husband agrees to sucking cock.

I was not always into the cuckold lifestyle, my husband was not into it ether as much as I can recall. This all changed one day when I came home early from work. 1,184 more words