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Image source – OSEN News

So Hyolyn the ex-SISTAR member just comeback with her new single called Dally 효린or called other wise in English on google translate, but it can be something casual romantic or something related to sexiness, this time she made the single as well as the collaborator GRAY from AOMG, you probably know him from Show Me the Money. 381 more words

Magalawa Island: Shake Ettt!

Some places are so beautifully enchanting, they make you want to dance.


My Favourite Disbanded - Kpop

Since I have gotten into Kpop a lot of my favourite bands have disbanded. It’s sad when they disband. I mean I can understand why with some of them but with others I feel that they were underappreciated. 656 more words


[K-Friday] For You Dear Fan

Idols group are created by an agency, but if they are continuing to exist it’s because of the love their fan give them. Therefore it’s not a surprise to see idols group releasing song for their beloved fans. 81 more words


GOT7: One and Only You (feat. Hyolyn) & Look Review

GOT7’s latest comeback has been highly anticipated, having been teased a few weeks ago by a prerelease collaboration with former SISTAR member Hyolyn, “One and Only You.” The group’s new mini album, “Eyes On You,” features title track “Look” and as aggressively an electronic approach as any of their recent releases. 521 more words


26 of 365: Lyrics of my own

When I let you go

I let you go

I decided against staying

because as much as I liked you

I liked me too

and if you weren’t going to have the decency

to respect me also as a person

then I had to be the one to let go

because you’re stupid

and I know the both of us 

more than you know yourself

Your cowardness did nothing more

than hurt you in the end

and not me

I’m glad I walked away the way I did

because it showed that I was strong

there’s no other girl like me

Sistar – So Cool