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Enter To Win Tickets To See Sister Hazel At The House Of Blues!

You could win a pair of tickets to see Sister Hazel on April 23rd at the House of Blues Orlando! Click below for your opportunity to win no later than 2/28/16. 7 more words


What's Playing In My Walkman - Part I

You have had the chance to gather that I enjoy music. If you do not know by now, then by all means, feel free to pump out my first blog post or talk to any of my friends. 958 more words


I Remember. . . A Lot Of Things

I kept finding myself singing the opening line to this song today.  

I thought it would be nice to share.

Looking back, it was over four years ago that I mentioned it here:  32 more words

Ray Visotski

Then I'll Turn And Go

Tonight  I was thumbing through some music and remembered it has been awhile since I listened to any Sister Hazel. I have always liked their sound and it seems that they are a great group of guys, still  having fun. 449 more words

Sister HAzel

A small reminder.

I was walking my dog this morning, and I was thinking about Mr. L, and this little bit o’pandoramancy came up:

(Though, if I had to pinpoint it, I’d say that this is more what I would say to Him; not the other way ’round; but the point is taken <3)


Hard to Say What it is I See in You...

I know that marriage is about compromise (or finding creative solutions, or win/win scenarios or whatever the current non-compromise buzz words happen to be) and that planning a wedding is going to require some compromise too… 354 more words

Creative Blogger Award

I was nominated to do the Creative Blogger Award! Thank you to Vivian over at JustmeV for the lovely nomination. If you haven’t followed her yet, GO NOW!! 507 more words