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Missing My Kids

Our businesses have us parents (mommies and daddy) working almost around the clock — my co works at the store most days, and I work from home for my husband’s company. 614 more words



If 2 months somebody would have told me that I would leave Miami Beach to go back to Tallahasse or near (Crafordfuckingville) after 36 years, I would have told him/her they were out of their minds. 116 more words


Dreka MothaFuckin GatesĀ 

Let me tell you somethin. This woman. This flawless piece of Gods work!

It is no secret amongst my friends, that I was madly in love with Kevin Gates. 81 more words

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If I was Ever Going to Have A Mister

Remember that time yesterday when I said I had never met anyone from a craigslist ad? Well, I take it all back. Not that I lied. 1,431 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

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  • Red hair and blue eyes
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Our Life

  • Living in Colorado Springs and loving it
  • Two kids who live with us and more are welcome
  • Pets of all kinds and more are welcome…
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