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'Sister Wives': Kody Brown & His Women Fight Back Against Ban On Polygamy In Utah

‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown is furious with┬áthe state of Utah’s ban on multiple marriages and they believe it violates their right to religious freedom. 302 more words

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'Sister Wives' ask federal court for re-hearing of polygamy case

SALT LAKE CITY — Reality TV polygamist Kody Brown and his wives are asking a federal appeals court to reconsider their lawsuit against the state of Utah over its polygamy ban. 172 more words


'Sister Wives' Trailer: Meri Breaks Down Cyring Over Catfish Scandal -- Watch

Kody Brown and the sister wives are back for part two of season 6. Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are put to the test following the catfish scandal. 379 more words

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Jackie Claims Stacey M. is coming for a visit?

I guess, in the world according to Lindsay, Stacey M., supposedly one of her ‘victims’ (the one she filmed the SASSY PANTS & BOSSY PANTS YouTube Channel with) is now coming to visit her and “Ben” in Las Vegas.


Again with more harassment(?)

I don’t understand the truth troll group, as a whole. They claim they don’t harass/bully people online via Facebook or Twitter but that’s exactly what they do. 221 more words

Jackie Attacking Vic Urben, again.

Jackie spends a lot of her time as “the Lindz” focusing on Vic Urben for some reason, and going absolutely stark raving mad that Vic is involved in the making of the catfish/bullying documentary Hook, Line, & Sinker. 59 more words

Jackie is using someone else's pics again...

Jackie has a habit of stealing people’s pictures to engage in her cons. Sometimes it’s random celebrities she finds online, sometimes it’s people off of pornographic websites (she must talk to them and FaceTime and steal images of them). 159 more words