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Happy Family...

💲Happy Family💲
“parivaar” se bada koee “dhan” nahin!
“pita” se bada koee “salaahakaar” nahin!
“maa” kee chhaav se badee koee “duniya” nahin!
“bhai” se achchha koee “bhaageedaar” nahin! 33 more words


Blessing In Disguise

On the 20th of December in the year 2000, I came face to face with my biggest blessing, but also my greatest challenge. The minute I held you, my 3 year old heart fell in love. 361 more words

A heavenly birthday for my sister

Beverly Cleary wrote a series of books surrounding a mischievous little sister, Ramona Quimby and her big sister, Beatrice. Of course, Beatrice, nicknamed Beezus, finds Ramona just ‘plain exasperating.’ Beezus is just five years older than Ramona, and yet, she was always cleaning up her little sister’s ‘messes.’ 805 more words


5 more days

I consider myself a goth not a full blown Cure goth but a goth nonetheless. In 2010 we were on a family trip to Disneyland. There were goths everywhere. 345 more words



My eyes, my eyes.

Glowing green orbs shining brighter than the sun she smiles at. Head tilted back with laughter, she grabs her stomach as it jiggles happily. 157 more words


Another Ode' to Miserable Mondays'

Birthdays are supposed to be fun.

Fun joyous, free, and happy.

This one wasn’t any of that.

This one was sad, depressing, and discouraging.

This birthday wasn’t even my birthday. 92 more words

Silence,quiet,anxiety,darkness,fear, Gay, Lesbian

Stitching Us Closer

by Janelle Hardacre 


‘I’ve just cut the first piece!’ says a cartoon version of you with a gigantic toothy mouth, a chipmunk voice and googly eyes. 594 more words

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