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Model: Jane Teeple Glicini

Central Pennsylvania, 2012-2014

My sister Jane has often modelled for me and especially came through when I started doing more experimental stuff. 112 more words



For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: marble.

Taken with my cell phone out the window last night: a super blood wolf moon marble in the sky, at the height of the eclipse. 30 more words


I’m up in New Haven visiting my sister and all is well with the world (my world). I’m applying to jobs, I’m pooping normally, I’m smiling, I’m making art. 285 more words

Divine Feminine

The rise of the Divine Feminine is manifesting. Look for Her. Listen for Her. Feel for Her in your thoughts, emotions, encounters and meditation.

Mother. Sister. 12 more words


To my Sister

It’s weird how the younger you are the more you fight with your siblings over nothing and your life goal is to get back at them some how. 925 more words

(C93) [studio A (Inanaki Shiki)] Iyarashii Houshi-bu no Kanojo-tachi. - The Lewd Girls from the Service Club (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.)

Titulo: “Iyarashii Houshi-bu no Kanojo-tachi. – The Lewd Girls from the Service Club ”
Artista: Inanaki Shiki
Géneros: ahegao, big breasts, blowjob, garter belt, harem, kissing, lingerie, nakadashi, paizuri, sister, stockings, group, incest… 24 more words


[Yukiu Con] Summer Coloured Strawberry Candy


Titulo: Summer Coloured Strawberry Candy
Artista: Yukiu Con
Géneros: kimono, lolicon, sister, urination, nakadashi
Parodia: Original
Cantidad de Paginas: 16
Descarga: Mega(pendiente)
Online : 7 more words