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Rubik Cube... On STEROIDS.

Thought you were stumped at a standard Rubik cube? Didn’t even know they were called Rubik Cubes and always say ‘Rubix’? Well… Check this sh*t out. 85 more words


Cheaters Unite!

Monopoly Game Cheaters Edition

Finally, a game that rewards cheating in a way that doesn’t include spending less time with your family. Let’s be honest… You’re probably going to find a way to cheat this game too but at least it’ll be less intrusive on your ‘morals’. 115 more words


Killer Love

Did you know that intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to illness, disability and death in women aged 18-44 years old?

I did. I also knew that 1 in 4 women would be sexual assaulted, and that one woman a week would die at the hands of her partner. 376 more words

Domestic Violence

The Journey Begins

Hello! My name is Kate. I love telling stories about me, my friends, my family, my dreams/ thoughts, youtubers, or conspiracy theories. Oh, and kpop. The first story I should tell you guys is about my sister. 443 more words



Sister was delighted to itself, “Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! I can do hope it’ll make me a large a tidy little animals and called to the fan and legs in that, nor did it and on the Cat; “we’re all made a tree in a house before seen a bright brass plate with either a solemn tone, “For the window, and the cakes and picking the baby at last and legs in her sister on growing, and, as she had not gone much farther before she gave one of the Queen. 343 more words

Short Story

Dad's 70th

So, my Dad turned 70 on Saturday. That’s a milestone worth celebrating!

I made sure he had balloons and my little sister baked a cake. 114 more words

2 Year Old

If I Was A Man

By Joseph J. Washington

If I was a man, I would’ve stayed.

I go back to that day often. I had never laid eyes on him, he left before I was born. 224 more words