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Sister Talk

I have a very large extended family. If you count steps (and I do), I have 17 nieces and nephews. I’ve never had children of my own. 516 more words

The Road Less Travelled

Missing My Big Sister

A year ago, my sister Joni went to the emergency room with abdominal pain she could no longer manage. She had lived with the pain for a while. 309 more words

Joni Springman


And so we heard mum just decided to stroll down to the clinic on a beautiful ‘good Friday’ and few hours later everyone was congratulating the family on the birth of a new born baby, who happens to be my own little sister. 181 more words

His Peace

It seems like every morning

the sirens have deemed themselves his alarm clock.

It never fails.

The only love he’s felt

Is in the consistency of his neighbors screams. 73 more words


Dearest Anita

I believe you are doing very well. I have not heard almost anything from you since the last time we spoke. How is your sister? Has she finally been granted that promotion? 440 more words


Moomin art in the Outer Hebrides (Rousse)

Having  tired of watching footage of my sister-in-law J making an early departure from a reality television series, the rest of us set off to find more interesting entertainment on the Isle of Lewis. 179 more words

Dear Sister

I hate it when you’re not around.
Our huge home is entirely different when you’re not here. Our room is completely silent while downstairs, Mommy and Daddy are arguing. 638 more words