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Chuckle Brothers to cheer up goths

Goths throughout Britain who have barely cracked a smile since their invention in the 1980s may finally be able to cheer up a bit and stop sitting woefully in grave yards eating liver, according to a report highlighting plans to entertain them with the Chuckle Brothers. 192 more words

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A wee bit o' history

Just a quick midweek post.

This past Saturday, I went to Magazine Street in Uptown and the French Quarter. More posts later.

While I was there, I parked on Constance Street, one over from Magazine. 75 more words

Month 1

Another Day In The Life Of Hull Harp

Today was all about Dock House, we had the usual Breakfast Club with much the same faces as I’ve already seen there this week, then we had to set about doing many other jobs. 970 more words

Dock House

Vision Thing

Middle-aged women need something to do, both the aging goth and the born-again hippie. Advice is something they give reflexively AND THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE IF EVERYONE LISTENED. 47 more words

Forget Beer Pong! Let's Go with the Sisters of Mercy!

I haven’t had much interaction with the Sisters of Mercy but, after this week I got curious. I figured if I looked into them it was likely to get uglier. 889 more words

The Taste of Mark Morriss – Mark Morriss (Acid Jazz Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

I must confess that whilst most reviews of this album are going to open with Morriss’s credentials or the announcement of a Bluetones reunion tour, the reason this album excited me was the fact that he covers Sisters of Mercy’s goth standard Lucretia (My Reflection) and I was massively intrigued to hear someone so far outside the genre’s take on such a song. 179 more words

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