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[March, 1996] Outta Sight, She's All Right

March 22, 1996

My handwriting will be a little sloppier because I have gloves on as I write this (I’m outside Hunter College and it’s pretty cold out). 885 more words


Sisters of Mercy, "Emma"

In terms of cover versions, the Sisters (and we’re talking pre-Floodland era Sisters) have a rich history.   They were mainly played out live, they were always performed with tongue firmly in cheek, and they were never straight versions – they always had a dark twist. 494 more words

The Alcoves

Our Daily Bread 152: The David M Allen Interview

David M. Allen was the producer behind some of the most important records of the 1980s and beyond, from The Cure to Depeche Mode, … 558 more words

Sean BW Parker

"30 Years On: The Sisters Of Mercy's First And Last And Always Revisited"

Excellent retrospective of a fantastic LP.

The clues to The Sisters of Mercy’s imminent implosion were already in place: Ben Gunn’s departure in 1983 after the band’s first US tour, with the guitarist claiming that the band had become the very thing that they’d set out to parody; news of singer Andrew Eldritch’s hospitalisation after one too many nights on the mirror and rumours of the band barely talking to each other during the recording of their debut album.

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The Alcoves

Throwback Thursday: Sisters of Mercy and Mother Russia

Okay, so I was a little too young in 1988 to really grasp the political climate.

I didn’t know what the Cold War was, or what “mutually assured destruction” meant. 138 more words