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Welcome to Mercy Hall

I have to say, when I signed up to spend a year living simply, this was not exactly what I had in mind. The house you see depicted behind me is where I will live until July of 2018. 317 more words



Websites being censored thick and fast. WordPress not exempt (thought they had a no-censorship policy, but sites have vanished). Meanwhile the whore J.K. Rowling cheers it on. 20 more words

Current Events

Getting Oriented

Over the 5 days of orientation, I had the pleasure of acquainting myself with the 43 Mercy Volunteer Corps volunteers who will serve within 11 cities across the United States and Guyana. 437 more words


30 Days of Music - Day 14

Today holds lots of music from TV shows, but this track stuck out a million miles when I watched “American Horror Story: Hotel”  I am a big fan of this band, and back in the 90’s managed to see them a few times in concert. 29 more words


Things I worry about

I’m a worried sort of person. I worry about a lot of things. Most of which are irrational or simply completely and utterly unimportant.

For example, I often worry that my taste in music will stagnate. 539 more words


Violet and Lilac

Last week, I printed the Sisters of Mercy linocut with the violet ink tinted with white. It’s on a pale blue Japanese paper with long fibres that I like. 82 more words

Lily S. May

Preparing to move; Decluttering my record collection

This getting rid of most of my CD:s business is way harder than I thought.

I have started. I did a first cut. And a second. 539 more words