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Sisters of Mercy

Leonard Cohen passed away just a month ago. Those were sad news added to many other sad news we have had along the year and to the destabilizing results of the last USA elections. 764 more words


Cowboys & Indians: The Dichotomy of Gothic Rock

For a genre almost universally associated with the colour black, the world of gothic rock comprises a surprising myriad of shades. Be it post-punk, trad goth, or deathrock, as the genre was birthed and evolved, splintering into innumerable shards and subsets, a panoramic view of its many strands resembles nothing so much as a tangled octopus (or perhaps a wave lashing kraken). 24 more words

PBS's 'Blank on Blank' Uncovers — and Animates — Leonard Cohen Telling the Story of "Sisters of Mercy"

PBS’s “Blank on Blank” series has paid tribute to the late Leonard Cohen by creating one of its signature animations to accompany a “lost” interview from 1974. 243 more words


Leonard Cohen

I first heard the music of Leonard Cohen when I was 15. I had one of those “The Essential…” CDs I ordered from the last gasp of Columbia house, which was a delicious source of “free” CDs for me back then. 757 more words


So Long, Leonard Cohen...

I first heard his music while watching Robert Altman’s anti-Western, McCabe and Mrs Miller, in Camden during the late eighties. That cinema is now long-gone, but the film – made not long before I was born – left a lasting impression. 172 more words


#SaturdaySongs No.4 - Sisters Of Mercy

I was planning to write about something else for today’s #SaturdaySongs post, but the terribly sad news of Leonard Cohen’s death has changed my mind. 728 more words


Tribute to Lenny

When I was a student at Glasgow University I went to a party at the home  of my friend Big Frank, in Bathgate Street, in Glasgow’s East End. 312 more words