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Some people get by
With a little understanding
Some people get by
With a whole lot more
I don’t know
Why you gotta be so undemanding… 287 more words


Sisters of Mercy Proof

I was ill over the past while and only got to printing a first proof of the Sisters of Mercy block print this past weekend. If you’re not familiar with printmaking, a proof is a print of a block that may not be fully complete. 148 more words

Lily S. May

Last day in Dungarvan

So, our last day in Dungarvan, before flying back to the States, was the most perfect day. We had perfect weather, and I opted to spend it wandering the town taking pictures so I would always remember it. 688 more words

Lino and Leonard

After Leonard Cohen died, I remembered an interview I heard a few years ago with the Iranian Canadian journalist, Maziar Bahari. He had been imprisoned in Iran and falsely accused of being a spy. 360 more words

Lily S. May

The Best Records of 2016 - Part 1

If there is one dead cert in the world of music writing, it’s the end of year list – the golden opportunity to wax lyrical about all the uber cool shit we’ve been listening to through the year that we totally believe every other fucker should also be listening to. 802 more words


Sisters of Mercy

Leonard Cohen passed away just a month ago. Those were sad news added to many other sad news we have had along the year and to the destabilizing results of the last USA elections. 764 more words


Cowboys & Indians: The Dichotomy of Gothic Rock

For a genre almost universally associated with the colour black, the world of gothic rock comprises a surprising myriad of shades. Be it post-punk, trad goth, or deathrock, as the genre was birthed and evolved, splintering into innumerable shards and subsets, a panoramic view of its many strands resembles nothing so much as a tangled octopus (or perhaps a wave lashing kraken). 24 more words