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Sisters of the Sea (Chapter 2)

“You called, my King?” The creature bowed deeply in front of its master. It was hideous, a strange combination of man and rat, beady eyes staring out of a dark hooded cloak, naked tail peeking out from behind. 2,543 more words


Sisters of the Sea (Chapter 1)

“Dude, a selfie stick can do a better job than you,” Jared mocked as he watched his best friend try and fail to stand still on the jagged rocks of the oceanic crust. 2,070 more words


Sisters of The Sea (Prologue)

The Kingdom by the Sea was a beautiful and mysterious place. It stood just on the edge of the Endless Waters and was surrounded fully by the Green Forest and its protections from the Fair Folk. 1,124 more words


Crunch Time

Down to the last glaze firing of the semester, as well as, my academic career! Can’t wait to see the new work! Here is a piece called “Sisters of the Sea” that I created last semester. 34 more words


Surf events this weekend

There are lots of lady-centric surf events happening this weekend, starting with the Bing/Seea Women’s Logger Pro in Malibu that was held today. I don’t really follow contests, but I found this short & sweet clip of one of the ladies who made the final, Taylor Nelson: 200 more words



I know I have been MIA for the past few weeks and I must apologize.  I spent the last two weeks traveling around Southern California visiting friends and family and am now enjoying my husband being home for the next ten days or so!  99 more words


Sisters of the Sea

It is incredible how the universe works.  How you can throw your thoughts out there into the world and they scatter creating ripples that are so far reaching that they touch you from the other side of a continent in times and places and ways that you least expect.  581 more words

Navy Wife