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Our first live public hangout - Midterm Elections Aftermath.

This week we looked at what went on, or did not go on during the midterm elections.

Mia Love is the first female black Republican (Mormon or otherwise, but she is Mormon) to serve in the House of Representatives. 349 more words

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Midterm elections are coming.

On Tuesday, November 4, precincts across the country will be electing state and federal representatives during midterm elections. GOP candidates are attempting to connect their opponents to the less popular policies of the Obama administration as Democrats continue to portray Republicans as greedy and out of touch with middle America. 13 more words

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Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe it’s here already!

Our show kicked off with a short discussion of how we spent our holiday breaks. Melette spent her holiday with her family and I spent my holiday with mine. 412 more words

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Can't wait!!

Tonight Melette and I will be back to Sisters With Sense (at our new time 10e/7p). We’ll be talking about some of the stuff that happened in the news this summer including the whole Shirley Sherrod case, Maxine Waters’ and Charles Rangel’s ethics situations, the whole summer of marrying baby mamas thing and the hot topics for this week! 7 more words

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This evening we celebrated the end of our second season and gave special shout-outs to Melette’s father, who will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow and our chat room guest, Show stopper 2 (Coya) on her birthday. 145 more words

Show Topics

Lena Horne, Elena Kagan, Arizona and Haiti.

I don’t know if it’s the news cycle or what, but this Spring has been full of hot topics, not that we’re complaining.

We talked briefly about the life and accomplishments of… 412 more words

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Times Square, Immigration, Southern Flooding,Black Tea Partiers, The Boondocks, and NFL legal troubles

It seems like the news is still unfolding about the incident in Times Square. It is really interesting case, Melette and I discussed,  because as much as our news media and government is attempting to tell us that this person really meant great harm, there are facts that continually come out that do not support this. 416 more words

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