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Back in the Park

Every third week, my programme prescribes a reduced training volume (say by 15% or so), to allow the body to recover and prepare for another gradual increase the following week. 626 more words


Random thoughts

Who’s the smarter person? The one that realises the absurdity of life and decides to check out and explore the universe from a different angle or the one that… 146 more words

Albus Camus

Chicken Nugget

Bonjour ! I’m sitting here, listening to sad music and thinking of the poem I thought up when I just woke up from my slumber and now its completely gone away from my head but is still at the back of my throat. 819 more words

The Utter Joy of the Task at Hand

Some days I wake up and feel like Sisyphus.
Do you know who I mean?

Sisyphus was an ancient mythological figure punished for all eternity to roll a boulder up a steep mountain, only to have it roll back down to the bottom when he reaches the top. 385 more words


Roses & Silver Fountains

This story is dedicated to Fijay at Blog On! who inspired this fool’s midnight errand.


50 word story

Last night I set myself  a Sisyphean dilemma, to find the origin and nature of the mysterious dot beside the moon. 31 more words

Short Story


Dear World

Please Kill Me,

*Overtly racist Irish voice*

 “Top of the Morning to ya'”.

That was awesome, but I now feel somewhat unclean. Being that I’m American, there may be way too much xenophobia permeating through our country for me to make ,(what I swear to you is nothing more than ) light-hearted jokes. 612 more words


And in the morning, the boulder's back at the bottom of the hill

You could understand if Phil Scott and Sue Minter find themselves sympathizing with the plight of Sisyphus. Having won their respective primaries, they now face the task of refilling their nearly-empty warchests, and ASAP if you please. 579 more words

2016 Election