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Need to calm down?

Sometimes I do…and sometimes other people do, too! Be anxious or nervous is normal, right? Last year at a conference, my friend was giving a short talk. 181 more words

Existential Questions

Ruminating about life and its meaning (if any). The age-old existential questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Is meaning external, or internal? Does meaning truly exist, or do we create meaning out of the chaos? 432 more words

Blogging 101

I <3 London: musings of a walking commuter

I’m walking to the office on a non-descript working day, the only sounds in my ears are the beats of my Spotify account. It’s warm and sticky and grey, the city’s essence rejoices in its weather attributes. 610 more words


Unintentional Snake Zen

Since I work with kids, I come across my share of kids’ books. Most of them are innocuous or frustratingly narrow (think girls in pink dresses, etc.), but once in a while one comes across my desk that really makes me pause. 453 more words

Lore Ipsum: Trials and Tribulations

It dawns on me that, now that i discovered scheduled posts, i might as well post at a decent time. Until further notice i’ll be posting on Mondays, 1pm GMT. 538 more words

Magic The Gathering

Upward Battle...

With my job, there are lots of times that I feel like Sisyphus.

I feel the most like this Greek mythological figure during budget season. I am one of two full-time professional staff members in my office. 1,024 more words


Allegory of Misery

This was inspired on Camus’ take on the myth of Sisyphus, but instead of an existential meaning I intended an anthropologic and political one. The character in the role of Sisyphus is a representation of human misery, the chariot a metaphor for civilization and technology, the slope a metaphor for the idea of historical progress and the pontiff on his throne is a representation of death (obviously) and political authority. 6 more words