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Day 30!
Poem 30!

I did it!

Today’s prompt was a translation poem. I took a translation class a few years ago and still have some books from Mariangela Gualtieri, an Italian poet who I considered for my project but didn’t end up using. 407 more words

If only Sisyphus knew how to be the rock!

artwork by Chilton Artwork 8

This week you might notice some good opportunity for making some solid advancement, even if it is only in your head. 507 more words


Alone In A World So Cold

It just had to be Pittsburgh, didn’t it? Then again, saying “it had to be” and following that with nearly any Eastern Conference playoff team – Washington, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Detroit, the  1,003 more words


The Meaning of Life

Alexei Kirillov in Dostoevsky’s The Demons insists that people don’t commit suicide because of the fear of pain. I suspect the fear of the unknown plays a part as well. 577 more words

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Sisyphus Reimagined

Sisyphus is no longer the King of Ephyra. After being condemned by the Gods for his trickery and deceitfulness, he is banished for his hubris. As punishment, Sisyphus is made to push a large boulder to the top of a hill.

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For day 14 of napowrimo

Dark clouds hide the morning sun
Threatening to smother hope
Which runs toward the light

Mindlessly, head down, I run… 22 more words

christ: an absurd hero?

It seems as if there are two opposed strands in the biblical text:

the christ of Luke 17:21, affirming that the kingdom is already here, or commanding his disciples to buy a sword and prepare for life without him, the christ who says ‘If anyone will follow me’, who in the beatitudes claims the meek shall inherit… 499 more words