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A Sisyphean Legacy

I realized at once that in order to see you as I wanted to I would have to begin by shutting my eyes. ~Julio Cortázar… 232 more words


There's No Meaning to Any of It: the Rise of the Gangster-Capitalist 1

This short series will examine the rising nihilism of American culture- alongside the rise of president Donald Trump, his crew and his misguided defenders. There’s so much madness to consider, it’s hard to know where to start. 1,339 more words

Political Commentary

Dailies 6/3/18

Donna Masini – Woman on Cell Phone Dragging an Empty Cart
Through Washington Square Park

It’s called Sisyphus. No. Sisyphus. Yes. Apparently
some Greek myth. This guy is punished for—punished—yes— 91 more words

Flash Fiction: Hemingway Epilogue

The boy finished scrubbing the boat clean. He stood back and admired his handiwork. The boat had been caked in dried blood, that of the old man, and that of the marlin, now an eighteen foot skeleton, easily mistaken for a shark. 69 more words

Flash Fiction

fellow travelers

she was sitting, impotent
in her car, when it struck her –
Sisyphus was probably an
extreme commuter, too.

in all likelihood, he lived around… 128 more words


Slave of wishes

A Sisyphus is breathing,

Yet again! Still tired-

A soul captured in ,

A girly-body vessel,

Perhaps this time,

Burdened under the,

Wishes of others, 30 more words


a two-step too far (21/May/2018)

can you teach me how to dance real slooooooooow?……. really?…. you think, with these two left feet, these two left might-as-well-be facing-backwards feets?…… it’s always the left feet equated with clumsiness and never the right, I wonder why…… bear in mind I’m less the dancing on the ceiling type and more the dancing in the dark, the very dark, the pitch black dark out of sight, invisible to one and all…… I wonder if I had two right feet would that make me an outstanding dancer…?… worth a ponder…. 322 more words