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Don't Be a Sisyphus

Seriously, don’t do it. Sisyphus was apparently a big jerk so he got doomed to an eternity of pain and suffering.

Okay, okay, I’ll summarize Sisyphus, just in case y’all don’t remember your Greek mythology. 835 more words

Life - Random

Artist Overview: ZHU- Cocaine Model and Paradise Awaits

A buddy of mine, whose music taste I respect quite a bit, showed me the LA based DJ, ZHU, not long ago and I’ve been really intrigued ever since. 884 more words


The Might Of Sisyphus (01:38)

Short film of Zai-Ant overcoming a steep climb to his house.. carrying in his mouth an immense cargo of food..

Sisyphus was a Greek mythological character who was condemned to push a huge boulder up a mountain. 67 more words


The Miller's Tale

Mark and I went for a wander around the hills to reflect on our options. On our way back to the farm, we passed by an old mill in the valley. 173 more words


Hiding in Plain Sight: Leaders in Our Midst

There are certain people who touch the lives of others, some lightly, some deeply, seemingly without effort or without concern for their own standing.  To me, they more closely resemble the flight of bees fertilizing one flower after another than the deliberations of those in search of influence.  1,132 more words

Letters On Aging

Started From Rock Bottom

The myth I chose was the Greek myth of Sisyphus. In this myth, the characters are Sisyphus, Zeus, the God of Sky and Gods, Hades, the God of the Underworld, Ares, the God of War, Hermes, the Messenger God, Death, Aegina, and Asopus, the River God. 1,414 more words


Brief review of RedCore (a Gentoo fork)

Redcore is yet another distribution consciously staying away from systemd, it is part of their “philosophy” as it is for Artix and Devuan.  Redcore is a fork of Gentoo in a non Gentoo kind of way.  845 more words

Systemd-Free Linux