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Mark Nisbo

Mark Nisbo
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-I know how to work, been doing it all my life
-Have always lived from paycheck to paycheck
-Will work for grilled cheese… 233 more words



In the second half of my teenage years, I grappled with the problem of life essentially being meaningless for me. The tumultuous nature of those years is still preserved in my memory. 171 more words


Sometimes It Isn't Easy

We all go through challenging phases in life. When bad, sad, or just plain ugly things seem to pile up around us. I know several folks right now who are trying to make their way through some of those piles. 693 more words

Real Women

Dog day Saturday

The bitch was in heat. The six lusty males gathered around her were all vying for her canine attention. They were courting her near the unofficial garbage dump—where residents deposited their household refuse to be picked up by garbage trucks—alongside the road, just below Miss Gelly’s house. 438 more words


The Myth of Sysiphus

Confined to the underworld and faced with certain death, Sisyphus tries to escape and liberate himself from death. His plan fails and he is caught by the gods, who decide on his punishment. 185 more words

Life In General

The matter of Dying

And right before we know, we settle down.

And we lose ourselves for an unknown tomorrow.

‘Tomorrow will be better.’ – we’ve said that a thousand times. 157 more words


New Item - Greek Mythology Sisyphus Patch

We all have those days where we feel like Sisyphys, constangly pushing out boulder up the hill only to have it roll back down again, forcing us to start over again. 47 more words