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Almost there...

It has been an ascent of Sisyphean proportions to the summit of publishing my book, and the journey’s end is now in plain sight. Having toiled persistently, I have pushed against the heavy boulder of formatting, and have finally alighted upon the stage of approving the final proof of the book before it is on its way for publication. 169 more words

A Slice Of Life

Keep On Rolling

I’ve always considered Sisyphus noble. He’s a hero like no other. He toils endlessly and his efforts never amount to anything; he accomplishes nothing, but endures indefinitely. 71 more words



Today, I opened up a original fiction project that I had not touched for eight months. Instead of finding a story ready to be revitalized, I found a piecemeal document with stilted, over-descriptive writing and weak plotting. 284 more words

Excessive Dramatic Behavior

Laundry, the Sisyphean task

So as I’m sitting here I’m struck by a thought, a thought I have often, “damn, I need to go switch over the laundry still.” 275 more words


Looking for Rafiki #rise

There are times that life gets so complicated that you lose hope, that you believe that you are just a mistake in God’s master-plan. In those moments, you may wish to be in a movie. 586 more words


Looper: The endless circle

For his trickery, the Greek Gods condemned Sisyphus to the underworld. For his punishment, Sisyphus was tasked to push a rock uphill. No matter Sisyphus’ efforts, the rock would roll back down the hill before Sisyphus reached the summit, leaving him no choice but to start the task anew. 1,689 more words


The Future 

The future is bright, the future is bleak
I don’t see the path that leads to the peak
I need a miracle, they told me 3:16… 132 more words