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Reflections on Bukit Mertajam, and political lessons for Malaysia

(Originally published in Penang Monthly)

The story of the valiant Sisyphus is one of my favourites in Greek mythology. He cheated gods and death, and thus angered Zeus himself. 2,371 more words


Sisyphus Unbound: Triangle

Mostly everyone is familiar with the tale of Sisyphus, the mythological king doomed to forever push a boulder up a hill all because he cheated death. 886 more words

Two Myths Take a Hike

Atlas is always shouldering his load.
You know the feeling – the weight
of everything pressing in, suffocating.

And there is Sisyphus pushing the
boulder uphill, over and over. 159 more words

Middle Ground

Stanzas on Rocks, a Poem

Doing things, that are, of no importance to us in life, how long, did we, spend, living like this again??? Too god DAMN long, is my guess!!! 135 more words

State Of Mind

Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Sisyphus

One reason why people commit suicide is they find life meaningless. Some philosophers feel that humans are searching for meaning in life, but the world does not provide any answer. 782 more words

Destroying the Rock is Worth the Wrath of the Gods

Pretty much since the day after Donald Trump got elected there were already articles popping up about self care and taking time off from being mad about the state of the world. 582 more words


Why Am I Doing This?

I think you would be entitled, dear reader, to want an answer to this question.

It is 2018. The human race is hardly crying out for another blog. 307 more words