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The Torment of Salmoneus

*By Rebecca Shapland and Phen Weston*

Burning cold water licks his toes
And the winds tug and pull at his clothes,
Whisper with woe it’s too late it’s too late… 178 more words


Voting For the Guy With Red Pants

Gill just told me that she voted for the first time since her arrival in England. I believe it was only a local election, for mayor and such, but it’s the first time she’s been able to have a say in what happens in her adopted country. 530 more words


A Chip off the Old Block

WE MULLED OVER his every word. Chi was a magnetic professor. In Chinese his full name meant “Power from Excellent Obedience”, which baffled us Western rationalists a bit, since he was such an animated spirit and comedic friend. 365 more words


Ask the Dust, John Fante

Who is the great Arturo Bandini? How come have you never heard about him? Maybe because he is a failure, a blocked, bankrupted author who only managed to publish a short story and barely survives in a decayed hotel thanks to the few pennies he gets from his mother. 645 more words


Kōbō Abe's 'Woman in The Dunes' And The Scientist's Existentialist Despair

Kōbō Abe’s The Woman in the Dunes wears and displays its existentialist, absurdist aspirations openly and transparently; this is its terse Wikipedia summation:

In 1955, Jumpei Niki, a schoolteacher from Tokyo, visits a fishing village to collect insects. 531 more words


Renovation Repeat on 14th St.

I’m about to renovate my house completely for the second time in seven years. This isn’t because I’m trendy, or because did a crappy job the first time around. 889 more words