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Within Greek myth, King Sisyphus was cunning and conniving. He constantly challenged the gods, and, at times, won the day. There are many tellings of his… 239 more words


On Considering the Story of Sisyphus - Anand Amido

On considering the story of Sisyphus, an ancient Greek, destined to forever push his rock up a hill, resonated this morning.  Thinking about this story has filled many a lapse in attention.  310 more words


Such as Life And If So, One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy.

I’m no Greek scholar or trained in Stoicism, so I’ll ask in my own colloquial custom. How many times do you reckon this old world gobbled up the many who said, “I’m gonna show the world how tough I am!”? 664 more words

Life & Musings

Pixel2017 – Episode 45 – Office

The theme for the day was “office”. I do work in an office, as an IT tech. I think I saw a representation of futility the way I portrayed it here in this animation – sort of a modern interpretation of a Sisyphean task. 13 more words

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Hauling Rocks Uphill

Hauling Rocks Uphill     —by Jinny Batterson

My particular piedmont town has experienced dramatic population growth in the past half century—nearly a thirty-fold increase. However, the steepest slopes of our region, sculpted as it is with lots of hills and gullies, restrict or defy human building. 588 more words










– -这我就不知道了。



首先印度手机市场的供应链有多不成熟?我们看一组数据,苹果公布的2016年的供应商报告显示,在苹果766家供应商中,中国大陆有 346 家,日本有 126 家,台湾 41 家,韩国 28 家,而印度只有一家。同时的印度手机主要来源是中国和越南,其中中国占据了超过六成的份额,而只有两成是印度本土提供的。而且这两成也是有水分的,这些手机大多是以进口半散装件进行简单组装的,也就是 SKD(Semi Knocked Down,简单理解就是成品打散之后运到印度在再组装,技术含量很低)。

可以说印度手机市场的供应链不仅不成熟,而且还是相当初级。那又为什么是这样呢? 17 more words

Prison Teacher Angst

How face 9 hours at a desk–

Unrulies every hour–

Incontinence the constant risk:

Phenomenon with power.

My watch strikes hours like 9-inch nails

In Jesus’ riven time. 7 more words