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Lazy 100

I was sick from Saturday through Tuesday…I was unable to sleep much…so I ended up doing some binge watching Netflix.  I watched the last few seasons of Rules of Engagement a mildly amusing sitcom that lasted seven seasons and had just enough episodes to make it to syndication. 658 more words


Pilot Season: The IT Crowd (US)


The Insert Witty Name Show has been retooled! Welcome to Pilot Season, the show where we look at first and sometimes only episodes of TV shows! 60 more words


Saint George, poem by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn (Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series)

by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn

George Lopez
looking to secure eternal glory
Tied one on last night,
trying to sleep it off
on the casino floor… 246 more words


Haircuts, couches & mild dysfunction: Why "Must See TV" must always be comfy.

Pablum or gold? Both.

The most watched show on broadcast TV is The Big Bang Theory. A few weeks ago each of its primary cast inked deals worth a million dollars per episode. 686 more words

The Burdening Boring Theory

Back in August of 2012, I had, through a rant-worthy review, pointed out the redundancies of the How I Met Your Mother story-line and had predicted a sad outcome in case that path was followed. 1,932 more words

Spent the weekend watching two sitcoms that I straight-up loved

So, I am one day from the Bay Area. So many terrible things have happened this week. But I will talk about none of them, and instead talk about the sit-com. 759 more words


Comedies that have jumped the shark

I tweeted about this a little while ago, but I am now more or less convinced The Big Bang Theory has jumped the shark. When it first started out, it was sweet and funny and fresh, but now I fear it has gone the way of other shark-jumping comedies like Two and a Half Men (which, to be fair, pretty much carked it after the first series as far as I’m concerned). 319 more words