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Another Story Having Nothing To Do With Islam

We’re all for peace and love and understanding and all that jazz, but even so, there was something awfully grating about President Barack Obama’s visit to a mosque on Wednesday. 788 more words


Baby Countdown - Final Week

By next week I will be welcoming my fifth grandchild into the world. Because gestational diabetes bumps up this pregnancy to high risk, baby Lucas and mom Rachel are carefully monitored. 452 more words


Tonight On Pontificator TV: The Odd Couple, Staring Pope Francis And Mr. T

Tonight on Pontificator TV  we bring you a unique re-imaging of the Neil Simon classic, The Odd Couple  staring Pope Francis as Felix and Mr. T as Oscar.  139 more words

Religious And Political Satire, And Other Irreverent Humor

When the whistle blows

I’ve been re-watching Extras recently and forgotten how much I love it. Usually forgotten about in the context of the Gervais/Merchant body of work but I’ve always loved the Darren Lamb and Barry dynamic. 258 more words

Rants And Ramblings

The Top Ten 1980’s (U.S.) sit-coms

It takes a lot to make a stew
A pinch of salt and laughter, too
A scoop of kids to add the spice
A dash of love to make it nice, and you’ve got…

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The Real World: Portland

The last month has been nothing but drama at my house. If I wanted this much drama in my life, I’d have stayed in the theater–Shakespeare’s got a much better vocabulary than we do around here.   389 more words