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Basic Cable Sit Coms Are Still Good

The Office is a good show. I know that. But honey, there is no reason to rewatch The Office more than once. Many of us tend to think of basic cable as the home of low-brow comedy, but for every Big Bang and whatever show Kevin James is currently pooping out, there is a half hour basic cable comedy that deserves recognition. 831 more words


Friends in the light of 2018

Friends. Has the classic nineties sitcom met its match? Netflix’s recent addition of the show has introduced it to a new, young audience and provided adults an opportunity to reflect on their past fave. 581 more words

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Laura, Samantha, and Ann Marie

I love sit-coms, always have. My current favorites are The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and The Middle. I watched many sit-coms as a child. 638 more words

Happy Days - Christmas Special

This is a blast from the past for those of a certain vintage. The Fonz was a role model to many young boys. We were easily pleased… 7 more words


Top Three Christmas Specials

By Cassie Waters

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is getting to watch Christmas specials without the nagging sense of guilt that accompanies watching what, without a doubt, are the best episodes of sitcoms any other time of the year. 727 more words


Cheers Compilation - Part 1

This is for all fans of one of the greatest sit-coms of them all. Rebel Voice could lose itself in the box sets of this series. 7 more words


3. The Honeymooners (1955-6)

by John Greco

My parents and I moved to Bensonhurst when I was three days shy of my eleventh birthday. Like the Kramden’s we were a blue collar family and lived in an old apartment house. 1,584 more words

Top 80 Greatest Television Shows

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The Honeymooners is my third entry in Wonders in the Dark's TV Countdown.