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And It Sings A Pretty Tune - Memphis, TN 11.18.1996

Phish — Mid-South Coliseum — Memphis, TN 11.18.1996

I  CTB, Timber Ho!, Poor Heart>Taste, Billy Breathes, CDT, Guelah, Ginseng, Reba, Zero

II  2001>Simple->Swept Away>Steep>Mule, Tweezer, HMB, Reprise>Llama… 3,929 more words


Always Shouts Out Something Obscene - St. Louis, MO 11.15.1996

Phish — Kiel Center — St. Louis, MO 11.15.1996

I  Wilson>Divided, Bouncin’, Zero, PYITE>Caspian, Ginseng, Train Song, CDT, Taste>Cavern

II  Makisupa->Maze, McGrupp>Melt, TMWSIY>Avenu Malkenu, MMGAMOIO>Mike’s, Monkey>Mean Mr. 3,910 more words


Fordham Freshmen More Likely To Protest

By Theresa Schliep

As Generation Y matures from Nickelodeon watching, Nintendo playing school children to young adults enrolled in higher education, some predict that student protests will become more prevalent on college campuses. 735 more words


Protests Swell As Journalist Jailed By Israel Approaches 70th Day Of Hunger Strike

update Feb 10

“He shouldn’t die for practicing his profession,” journalist and administrative detainee Mohammed Al-Qeeq’s brother tells MintPress News as protests worldwide demand his release. 1,680 more words

A Lunch Counter?

20: Looking back, the fight for civil rights in the 1950s and 60s era usually zeroes in on dramatic moments—Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus, kids being escorted into Little Rock’s Central High, little Ruby Bridges leaving school in New Orleans, marchers crossing the bridge in Selma, and so on. 1,067 more words

What You Strive to Condone - Gainesville, FL 11.03.1996

Phish — O’Connell Center, University of Florida — Gainesville, FL 11.03.1996

I  MFMF, Jim, Billy Breathes, Sloth, NICU>Sample, Theme, Bouncin’, Zero

II Timber>Divided, Wolfman’s Brother, Sparkle>Tweezer, Life on Mars?, Possum>Reprise… 1,837 more words


The Feeling Returns Whenever We Close Our Eyes - West Palm Beach, FL 11.02.1996

Phish — Coral Sky Amphitheater — West Palm Beach, FL 11.02.1996

I  Ya Mar, Julius, Fee->Taste, Cavern, Stash, Lizards, Free, JBG

II  C&P->Lope, Waste, Hood>ADITL, Adeline… 2,438 more words