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Day 55

So today’s post wouldn’t be all that elaborate than the other ones because I think I would be able to keep it short this time. I came to this thought today because I noticed my feet were touching the ground. 387 more words

Daily Logs


So I’m the loser that sits in  a corner and only interacts with my 4 friends and has no idea what children my age do so here is what i think they enjoy: 35 more words


Hey All (Except Brian… sorry if you are reading this…)!!!

Well I only have 2 weeks left in my Study Abroad and I will freely admit that quite a bit of my last month here has been a bit more “cultural immersion” than actual academic study. 1,600 more words

The Walk

Tenderly, as if driven by clouds

I shut the door on everything tonight.

The cool air surrounds me

As the wind swiftly brushes the hair back from my face. 216 more words


Thought for Today:

Hey everyone! As your day begins to get away from you and fill up with to do lists, I just want you to take five minutes to sit outside and take a breath. 79 more words

The Mysterious girl- a poem

There’s a girl out there
Whose mind I could never read
She’s so mysterious
Her moves, I can never interpret

What’s in her mind
I don’t ask her… 40 more words


Haveing A Loved One Or Friend Sit In On A Therapy Session?

My mother has not yet fully witnessed me in a flashback/dissociative episode, I m 18 years old and I ve only recently been facing all this. 63 more words