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stand to lose

What we most often stand to lose in a crowd is where we were sitting.



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The Journey Begins

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Champ de Mars grass and flowers

The calm open areas of Champ de Mars, perfect to relax on near the famous attractions of Paris and selections of flowers to admire.

Take a walk for yourself here… 8 more words


What Does it Mean to be Poor?

I’m not gonna front, before I came to Nepal, I was worried about what it meant to experience poverty. I came with a lot of misconceptions of what it means to live in a country that was deemed poor by outsiders. 310 more words

Blog Abroad

sit back and roll the dice

mighty as its own fall

and the hero as its own spell

and hit as the alarm

and seeking

as its own jewel

and corner… 62 more words


Love Waiting (A Cherita)

Image courtesy of Wall Devil

patiently, she waits

beneath an umbrella, she chats with raindrops
until destiny appears in the distance

soon she will collect her luggage… 16 more words