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Get Paid To Use Facebook & Twitter

Don’t just sit online and waste time, get paid to use your Facebook & Twitter. Now you can have fun AND make money at the same time. 35 more words

Empty seats? Go sit.

I see this way too often: the bus is crowded, lots of people are about to board, and everyone stands in the front even though there are lots of empty seats in the back. 456 more words


UN nuclear agency suggests using radiation to fight Zika mosquitos

  • Aiming to prevent the further spread of the dangerous mosquito-borne Zika virus in Brazil, male insects might be exposed to X- or Gamma rays to irradiate their sperm, the UN’s nuclear agency announced on Tuesday.
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$2,000 A Month To Draw Pictures

Sit at home in your PJ’s, and earn $2,000 a month drawing pictures. You can also earn cash for taking pictures with your cell phone. 100’s of companies are seeking your drawings and pictures now. 18 more words

Uni Life Part 2 (Suzhou EIP) ✈️


*this post will be filled with images*

For this post, I would like to share about my experience on joining Suzhou Enterprise Immersion Programme organised by SIT (Enterprise & Innovation Hub). 778 more words

Silicon Institute Of Technology

College is cycle of stripped identity in which we continuously challenge our minds, step outside our comfort zones, and sometimes lapse into being lost. Without you, we would not have a foundation to feel grounded ever so often. 313 more words