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SITE ANNOUNCEMENT - Introducing our first regular feature!

It’s been around five months now since I started posting content to Minus World, and the site has come a long way! We’re fast approaching the milestone of 3,000 viewers and thanks to all of the great support you’ve given us since the very beginning, I’m able to start expanding the site to bring you even more niche gaming coverage! 174 more words

Site Announcement


I’ve updated the look and appearance of this site, A-Xros Space and Time, a bit. Might mess with it a bit more, but I’m generally happy with it at the moment. 311 more words

Site Announcement

Site Placements and Pizza: a PC Party

I found out my site placement yesterday and it was just as dramatic and exciting as I’d hoped it would be!! Also, we got pizza. 466 more words


ACT ?? ACT ??? ACT ????

If you’re reading this after following the URL on the cards I handed out this past weekend, WELCOME! If you’re a returning watcher, WELCOME BACK! (Again.)  253 more words

Digimon Xros Wars



A~ The answer is two fold.

1: Mystryal (Pronounced “Miss-tree-ahl”) is a book series that I am writing. Think “The Elder Scrolls… 463 more words

Phantom Hopper 88


Intermission 2 has been posted in its entireity. I’ll be working on posting the hunters arc rewrite over the next few days…
Also, I’ll be working a bit on doing some minor tweeks and slight expansions to Vamola Kyoryuger, just to bring it all into line with the new cannon presented by Xros Music Evangelion. 6 more words

Digimon Xros Wars