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Attention: Blog Status

I previously announced a deceleration of my blogging activity some time ago. Hence, I’ve had a drastically reduced interaction with my favorite bloggers. I apologize for not visiting and dropping comments as frequently as I used to. 269 more words


ACT ?? ACT ??? ACT ????

If you’re reading this after following the URL on the cards I handed out this past weekend, WELCOME! If you’re a returning watcher, WELCOME BACK! (Again.)  253 more words

Digimon Xros Wars



A~ The answer is two fold.

1: Mystryal (Pronounced “Miss-tree-ahl”) is a book series that I am writing. Think “The Elder Scrolls… 463 more words

Phantom Hopper 88


Intermission 2 has been posted in its entireity. I’ll be working on posting the hunters arc rewrite over the next few days…
Also, I’ll be working a bit on doing some minor tweeks and slight expansions to Vamola Kyoryuger, just to bring it all into line with the new cannon presented by Xros Music Evangelion. 6 more words

Digimon Xros Wars

Party in the Upper East

Yesterday was site announcement! Our trainers drew a giant map of Ghana with chalk and then they announced our sites and we got to walk to the part of Ghana we would be in. 108 more words

Peace Corps Ghana 2015

Site Announcement

I now know where I will be living for the next two years! *Drumroll* 170 more words

Pre-Service Training (PST)

XME Bravely finished

The final Chapters, 15 and 16, have been posted to AO3, and the story is placed in second place in order on the XWAU-02 playlist.  Maintaining in universe chronological order is hard to do with this Multiverse. T_T

Digimon Xros Wars