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Welcome - Imagine Love Live

Hello people! My name is Andreana and I’m pleased to welcome you on my totally new site. This site is made for anyone who is inlove with life, love and other inspiring things. 48 more words

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Questions and a Gun

Source: Tennessee 3-year-old Shoots Himself With Handgun That Was Left Out

Yesterday, I came across the above story. As the title basically explains, a three-year-old boy from Tennessee shot himself with a gun that was left out. 514 more words


Adults do have sleepovers!

Today, at my weekly teen group, we did a few activities. These activities included a hula hoop and a puzzle. It’s not often I wish I could go back to childhood, but today, the nostalgia bug finally bit me. 255 more words


Fired For Saving A Life

Yep, you read that right. Where does the stupidity end?

A lifeguard in Florida was fired for trying to save a drowning man’s life. The reason is the man was outside of his patrol zone, in an unprotected area, and the lifeguard’s employer is not paid to patrol that zone. 191 more words

Site Articles

Not Driving Is A Disgrace?

According to this Yahoo article, most of Generation Y doesn’t want to drive. Interesting.

Many of the comments are slamming them down, calling them lazy, unmotivated, immature and so on and so forth. 410 more words


Anonymous No More

It looks like New York doesn’t have much respect for the privacy of its citizens. Or at least, Senator Thomas F. O’Mara doesn’t.

Sen. O’Mara wants to pass a bill that would forbid internet users in New York from being anonymous when posting online. 415 more words