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Brodie Bruce from Mallrats (2016)

Here is a non-Hulk Thursday, comin’ at ya with some SMODCAST goodness!  1994 Was a great year, not just for me personally but for movies music and everything in between.  215 more words

Site News

site plans


I am planning to publish comics, cartoons, art, funny news stories, and possibly bad advice. We’ll see how it goes.

I also want people to be able to submit to the site for publication!

Site News

“Binky and Hinckley” (Buddies for Facebook)

“Binky and Hinckley” (Buddies for Facebook)
written by Eddie Orlowski, ©
March 7, 2013

I was walking down Main Street past the empty store fronts in Port Allegany. 225 more words

Poetic Misplacement

Eddie O. reblogged this on Fix it or Kick it - Computer Help/Entertainment © and commented:

A Humorous Short Story I Wrote out of Boredom inspired by the small town I live in and Facebook.

We're close, but not so

Well what an experience this is going to be for us all. Although we have made the site public we are not entirely finished with it (as you can see we’ve raised the pre-release flag at the top) but we felt that it was probably at a time where we should go public with the site so here we are. 215 more words


Ch-ch-ch-changes (Coming To The Site & Show)

In the coming weeks you will notice some changes to the alternative nation both here on the website and on the podcast. The changes are in the grand scheme of things small but I believe they will give the site and the podcast a little breath of life, everything you know and even maybe love about the site and the show will remain but I felt that it was time for some changes and to freshen both areas up a little. 1,309 more words


So Far Not Much...

So clearly I have not done much with the site yet. It will take time. I am a busy writer man. I’m  a busy writer Dad man. 84 more words

Site News

Stuttering Saudi Thoughts

Today, January 17, marks the six year anniversary of when I landed in Saudi. I’ve since moved back, but a lot of those early dates and activities really stick in my mind. 325 more words