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The Den

The Den has been created! Now I just have to fill it with things that I like :)

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LEGO Incredibles The Video Game Review Coming Soon!

My son and I cracked this open last night and first impressions were good. With any luck we should have a full review up next week. 24 more words


Happy Father's Day!

To all the awesome LEGO dads out there…

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Isolate update

Hi all,

As you have probably noticed, Isolate has been on a short hiatus the past couple months. I expect that to stay in effect until July. 61 more words


Site News: 6/17/2018

Hello friends,

It’s been some time since I posted here. No, the site is not dead, and I have every intention on continuing my research here in July. 119 more words

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Added X-23: Chaos Theory

Alex Power has small appearances in X-23 volume 3 #14 and 15, the two middle parts of the 4-part “Chaos Theory” story guest-starring the Future Foundation. 89 more words

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Added Wolverine Forever

Jubilee shows up briefly in Wolverine vol. 4 #16 in a story titled “Wolverine Forever.” Traumatized from the previous story in his solo series, Wolverine once again tries to retreat to the wilderness and go feral. 76 more words

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