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"Draw, pardner" – introducing the TOH illustrator!

A week or two ago I got an email from a chap called Jonathan Traynor.

Said chap is an illustrator in his free time, and he came to me with a proposition: “Let me draw the utter fucking piss out of things on your site.” 446 more words

Chris Scullion

Livestream of Solar Eclipse 2017

As many of you know, there is going to be a total Solar Eclipse today, Aug 21, 2017. Here in Massachusetts we will not experience totality, but because I am running some outreach for the students at Merrimack College, I will be livestreaming through the eyepiece of our solar telescope. 104 more words


Tom Slayton's commentary on the Mount

Former Vermont Life editor Tom Slayton recently recorded a commentary about Mount Independence on Vermont Public Radio. Listen to it here.

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Update ...

I’m kind of bummed out at the moment because it’s becoming more difficult to do anything with my computer. It’s definitely failing and I probably shouldn’t be using it at all. 130 more words

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Brief Vacation

I’m headed south for a few days to view the eclipse and maybe enjoy the beach; likewise I’ll be out til Tuesday, so if you leave comments or whatever they may not get approved til then. 38 more words

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The Heck is Going On Here?

Just your typical atypical anime blog. I’ll talk all stuff and things related to anime. Maybe you’ll learn something, or–in the least–walk away with some new (and joyfully profound) insight into one of your favorite shows or characters. 37 more words

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SE 11 Ep 20 Symbolphobia

In this episode I react to the terror attack in Charlottesville. I talk about the awful emotions it brought up. How do you handle Nazis? Do you let them speak? 45 more words

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