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Rachel Eng - Boston, Massachusetts

Briefly describe the work you do.

When I search the word “small” in the thesaurus many words associated with insignificance and being inappreciable come up. Why is something that is described as small associated with being unimportant? 1,149 more words



A site-specific work by Loren Kronemyer

On April 20th 2015, someone placed two $50 AUD bills inside two books within the science library at the University of Western Australia. 36 more words

Loren Kronemyer

upcoming_ FRIDGE!

FRIDGE is a series of site-specific portraits of our consumer society with a pop aftertaste. A digestive metaphor of the way we produce, present and appropriate images of culture and a culture of images today. 262 more words


That's how I will start.

Here is my garage. Ordinary, tight, cold and mouldy english house garage. I belive in any space magic can happen. 193 more words