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Survey Site menggunakan Website http://airmax.ubnt.com

Website http://airmax.ubnt.com adalah website ubiquiti yang mempunyai fitur hampir sama dengan Google Earth. Kelebihan survey site dengan website ini adalah adanya fitur untuk menentukan tinggi tower yang akan digunakan. 166 more words


Survey Site menggunakan Google Earth

Google Earth merupakan software gratis dari Google yang berisi map seluruh dunia. Google Earth dapat digunakan untuk mengetahui jarak suatu tempat. Dalam Google Earth juga terdapat fitur elevation profile yang didapat digunakan untuk mengetahui LOS tidaknya titik yang akan dipasang antenna. 135 more words


Doing it RIGHT!

“Quality means doing it right, when no one is looking” – Henry Ford

Image Craft – our name stands for high quality, color expertise and commitment to detail. 

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Plans, plans, plans

The pic above shows a lovely spot for a container home, no? Apart from the potential to perish in the Flame Zone of course. Plans are coming together to reduce that risk as much as possible, and to try to make this build feasible, affordable and beautiful. 610 more words

SITE SURVEY / Siteler in Ankara

The subject of this years’ studio is to design a “house”, which will be treated as a complex architectural problem to read the house as an architectural type. 31 more words


Good Practice: Site surveys, habitat creation and healthy ecosystems

Habitat creation should not be regarded as a substitute for preserving the natural, or near natural habitats. The role of habitat creation is to improve the quality of our landscape and environment by offsetting losses born out of destructive land uses that are certainly not limited to just urbanisation. 230 more words