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Good Practice: Site surveys, habitat creation and healthy ecosystems

Habitat creation should not be regarded as a substitute for preserving the natural, or near natural habitats. The role of habitat creation is to improve the quality of our landscape and environment by offsetting losses born out of destructive land uses that are certainly not limited to just urbanisation. 230 more words


MapIt - GIS data collector

Last 6 months I have been working on new app. MapIt is now officially out, and available on Google Play, check it out. I am looking for feedback. 556 more words


Heavy Duty Gear and me

I thought I was the typical IT guy, locked in an office with A/C, internet, and lovely computers and network devices. Some one who would tinker with Windows Servers, Cisco Devices, Linux Servers and Cloud services such as… 379 more words


Do It Yourself

Simple solution how to conduct task analysis and human factor surveillance on the field. Using hands-free wearable camera fixed on the safety hat and simultaneously apply pen-paper based tool or tablet. 27 more words



Dikmen Valley is given to us to comprehend the site conditions and the context which is second year final project in architectural studio. As a beginning of the project, indicating functions, drawing site sections and marking landmarks and points of vistas were assigned us. 23 more words


Security Considerations for Religious Institutions

Religious institutions face unique security challenges. In addition to standard security practices they must contend with the possibility of increased hostility due to their beliefs, disgruntled members, and mentally or emotionally compromised individuals. 56 more words