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Making the AdSense Ads suit your site - Part 2 (Color of Ads).

Making the AdSense Advertisements match your website– Part 2 (Color of Advertisements).

Making the AdSense Advertisements fit your web site is an easy task that can truly enhance the efficiency of your AdSense Ads (and for this reason increase the AdSense revenue for you). The 4 propertiesRead more…

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As Infowars has pointed out, the Jade Helm exercises will entail soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations” with “some participants… wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles…” 63 more words


New Looking For Support

I have been reading posts from this site for a while and have found it so helpful. I have PTSD from sexual abuse when I was a child by my grandfather. 74 more words

Ptsd From Abuse

I ve been reading this site for little awhile and finally found the courage to post. I have PTSD from verbally and emotionally abusive relationships and am in EMDR therapy. 22 more words

So Lost!

Hello, I m new here. found this site by accident really and thought maybe I could get some good advice from others who know what I m going through. 77 more words